Sunday, July 31, 2011

CNN "investigates" the personal finances of members in congress advocating controlling spenidng.

The media doesn't do investigative journalism reporting when they turn their attention to Republican or conservative members in congress. They do what is known as " political opposition research". That is exactly what CNN did, when they dug into the personal fiances of conservatives and Tea Party members of congress calling for a control in spending.

Leave it to CNN not to do their "research" into the financial backgrounds of Democrats who want to keep spending out of control, Oh no, no, no, that would have actually been a fair and balanced approach to journalism. CNN has low standards it must live up to. As I am always more then happy to point out, CNN has been last in the cable news ratings for over a decade for a reason. Their hit piece is a perfect example why. So certain Republicans have debt, is that really a story? Would CNN have done that story if the debt ceiling story didn't exist? What the pseudo journalists over at CNN did sounds like something the DNC Chairmwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz would have ordered her operatives to do. CNN is known as being the sniper news network by the way. CNN didn't report to the American people that members of congress wouldn't have to be bound under Obamacare like the rest of the masses. The joke is on CNN if they think for one minute, they are coming across to the American people as being trustworthy. This story is just one more bit of evidence how transparently phony CNN is in their attempt to give the illusion that they are just reporting the news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny that congress for the most part vote to get themselves a raise. But who is that gets targeted? Republicans. Hey, Democrats have done it too.

So, both parties are guilty!

We're in financial debt right now, and they can afford to give themselves raises. What's wrong with these people?

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