Thursday, April 07, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton vs Black Lives Matter

I've never been a fan of the Clintons but if I had to look back at the past 8 years with Bill as President and then compare them to the near 8 years of Obama, Obama made Bill look like a moderate easily. With politicians kissing the asses of the black activist group Black Lives Matter, I would have never thought that Bill Clinton would have actually been the voice of reason when addressing them. Today several BLM hecklers decided to crash a campaign event in Philadelphia that he was hosting for Hillary. I can't figure out what's the deal with the drones of  BLM. They remind me so much of Westborro Baptist Church, both are socially annoying entities with no real sense of purpose for why they do the things they do. Anyways, Bill to his credit actually told the protesters something they definitely weren't prepared nor wanted to hear.

 Hillary hasn't said whether she supports what Bill said or not, I'm sure the media is going to press her on this, and it will be interesting to see what she says. As for what Bill said, he was correct. Here in Baltimore, young blacks burned down building and looted stores and rioted, because they were mad that a black person who sold poison to blacks in West Baltimore died in police custody. Nobody ever wants to talk about how many black lives were ended or ruined due to the heroine Freddy Grey sold to other blacks. They don't want to talk about how many "black lives" which ended not at the hands of cops "which is few are fare between" but by other young black males. The truth is so very inconvenient. Most Americans know that BLM are nothing but loud and obnoxious hypocrites with no valid foundation on which to stand on. The media hasn't figured that out yet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now I know why stupid people should not breed.

Liberals tend to fit the definition of the word "stupid" to a tee. I'm not saying this to be mean. I'm just being truthful. Stupid is defined as "lacking intelligence or common sense". I've been saying for as long as I can remember that liberals lack the ability for critical thinking. This is why they are so easily able to be played for puppets by the progressive power structure of the Democratic Party. Here's a perfect illustration. If you were to ask a liberal who made the following comment
"I can see Russia from my house", who do you think they would overwhelmingly say who that was and in a mocking and snarking manner? Of course, they would say that it was the so called dunce former Governor Sarah Palin who said that, but they would be the true dunces however. Sarah Palin never made that comment. It was the comedian Tina Fey who mocked Palin on Saturday Night Live who said that. What Palin actually said was "You can see Russia from Alaska", and she was factually correct. There are two towns in Alaska in which you can see over the Bering Straits into Siberia which is a territory of , wait for it"Russia". So the people who thought they were so smart and she so stupid were for a lack of better words "utterly clueless".

This story isn't about Sarah as much as it has to do with the lack of intelligence of progressives when labeling people they don't like such as calling them a "racist".  For the past few weeks,  I have been hearing liberals label Donald Trump as a "racist", and I have yet to have one of these "enlightened" people  explain to me what Donald Trump said that was racist. It's like with the Palin scenario, these people don't exercise common sense in coming to their conclusions, it's purely emotional. I debated one of these clueless drones the other day. It just helped to reinforce what I've always known about liberals. The person I debated said that Trump was a racist because of his stance on Muslims. Many liberals believe that is the smoking gun of how Trump is a racist. When the guy made the comment, I just sighed in embarrassment for him. I went on to explain that 
Muslims are "NOT" a race, they are followers of the Islamic religion.

Getting back to what I said earlier about common sense. Anyone with common sense knows that all Muslims aren't brown skinned just as all Middle Eastern Arabs aren't Muslim,.This is why the herd mentality and analytical thinking never can mix. A few weeks ago on the Kelly File Herman Cain debated Ja'mal Green who helped to shut down the Trump rally in Chicago and Trahern Crews who is an organizer for the black  radical activist group Black Lives Matter. The topic of the segment was about the antagonists showing up at Trump rallies to cause trouble. Of course both Ja'mal and Trahern didn't see it that way. Trahern  said something about Trump that made me think about the stupidity of liberals when it came to Palin. Trump's campaign slogan is "Make America Great Again", but what fool would believe that Trump ever said "Make America White Again"? The 4:23 mark just show the depth of the mass ignorance common sense people are up against, scary!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Surrounded by ignorance yet he stood his ground:A black Trump supporter vs Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sometimes being an analytical freethinking black person being surrounded by non critical thinking, social justice indoctrinated black lemmings can at times be scary. No matter how many times you tell these people that 2+2=4, they will yell back at you saying that you are wrong. Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization. Their name is an oxymoron, because they truly do not believe that black lives matter. Case in point, I can't recall a time sense their conception that they have held rallies to denounce the thousands of "black lives" that are taken every year at the hands of "other blacks". They are ginned up on emotion, and they are intellectually weighted down by their self victimized mindset.. I came across an video of a Donald Trump supporter who is black who had the unfortunate of having to try and reason why a group of Black Lives Really Don't Matter protesters., The black Trump protesters stated why he supports Trump, because he wants a job so that he can take care of himself and not rely on the government.  Now one would think that would be the goal also of BLM right? Wrong

Black liberals have a hard time understanding that all blacks don't have to think a like and be joined at the hip politically or based on ideology. They like white liberals truly do not embrace the concept of "diversity" yet they claim they do.This young man want to be able to provide for himself, yet he was shouted down for not supporting the policies of a political party which has done nothing for blacks economically for well over 50 years and counting. Being dependent on the government if you are an able bodied person is slavery not empowerment yet sadly a monolithic slab of society still don't get it.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Farewell Nancy Reagan, RIP

Nancy Reagan was a woman of grace and elegance, and she defined what a first lady is suppose to symbolize. Nancy Reagan stood by Ronnie, because she loved her man. She didn't stand by her man, because she saw him as a political shortcut to get into politics like some other first ladies. To a great first lady and American. R

Monday, February 29, 2016

Will they ever learn?

The definition of the word "gullible" is "easily persuaded to believe something credulous". Credulous means "having or showing too great a readiness to believe things". People always ask me how is that I am able to see through the Democratic Party's BS so clearly yet most blacks aren't. I  always tell them that "indoctrinated people make for poor analytical thinkers": It's really that simple. Hillary Clinton while stomping in South Carolina told a largely black audience that the GOP is going to try and stop them from voting. Of course this line isn't anything new for Democratic politicians. It's rather old actually, very old. Blacks tend to fall for it every  election cycle with no end in sight going on 50 years, so I guess there is no need for Democrats to change their line. It's sad that the only topic that Hillary or Democrats in general can talk to blacks about is "voter ID laws". It's never about policies. Nah, why would they dare want to fix the problems when they can have a loyal voter base by just blaming the GOP. It's much more beneficial to democrats to keep the problems out there and blame the GOP as the source of their problems without having to present any evidence to validate their claims. Blacks in South Carolina voted for Hillary over Bernie 86% to 14% The rationality for that lopsided percentage  victory for Hillary among blacks makes zero sense to me. I could have sworn that back in 2008, when Hillary was battling Obama in  South Carolina, blacks and the Obama campaign accused Hillary and Bill of "racism".

Father Phelger who is a guest speaker at Obama's "former "cult/church mocked Hillary during the 2008 campaign.

So I am asking this question. How is it possible that blacks demonized the Clinton's as racists in 2008 yet blacks in South Carolina overwhelmingly supported the supposed racist in 2016? I guess when blacks classify someone as a racist, their claim shouldn't be taken seriously, because they obviously don't mean it. All Hillary has to do is whip out her southern accent and blacks will be eating out of the palm of her hand as long as she has a "D" by her name.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The affirmative Action Oscar goes to, drum roll please

There is nothing more absurd and amusing then watching multimillionaire black actors and actresses cry "racism" when they don't get their way. Will Smith was not nominated for an Oscar in his role in the movie Concussion, so the spoiled multimillionaires who represent the elite one percent have taken to twitter to air their "grievance" over this grave injustice, hence #Oscarsowhite was born. Forget the "real problems" impacting blacks such as black on black crime, drug addiction, illiteracy, poverty etc, nah there is a far more pressing problem that blacks need to focus on such as Will Smith not getting nominated for the third time. Wow, that injustice reminds me of the civil rights days of Jim Crow.(sarcasm). It must be so hard for Will Smith working in Hollywood but wait. Maybe Hollyweird isn't as racist or as white as Will and Jada would have everybody to believe.

 In 2002, Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Ali, but he lost. He must have lost to some white actor or actress right? Wrong, Will Smith lost to Denzel Washington who won the Oscar for Best Actor in Training Day.  Surely racism reared it's ugly head at the Oscars in 2007 when Will Smith was nominated for and lost again in the  Best Actor Award category for his role in The Pursuit of Happiness. Oh wait Forest Whitaker beat Will Smith for his role in The Last King of Scotland. So to recap, Will Smith was nominated twice for an Academy Award and both times he lost to other black actors.  Will did win a slew of  NAACP Image Awards. #NAACPIMAGEAWARDSSOBLACK. Fox News contributor Stacey Dash weighed in on this fake controversy.

 It's no secret that I can't stand Hollywood due to it's warped minded political stupidity but the committee which is responsible for nominating films doesn't have a problem in how it nominates films. It's been doing it for  many decades before Spike Lee and Will and Jada Smith were even born. Their ego's must be fully inflated if they think that they will be missed by them boycotting the Oscars. I doubt many other black actors and actresses will join their boycott, because they won't dare jeopardize their careers to support a bunch of self serving, spoiled hypocrites.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Officer William Porter's trial ends in a mistrial.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I must say that having some time to rest was a gift in itself. I finally have a chance to update the status of the William Porter trial, but it's no big secret that the trial ended in a mistrial. The good news is that Baltimore hasn't burned down yet anyways. A new trial for Officer William Porter will be on June 13th. The jury wasn't able to unanimous convict Officer Porter on any of the charges. I said a few months ago along with many other legal experts that the prosecution was going to have a tough time reaching a conviction due to the lack of evidence of malicious intend of the officers being charged. So for right now anyways, Baltimore State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has egg on her face, because the prosecution was hoping that Officer Porter was going to be convicted on at least one of the charges which were manslaughter,second degree assault and reckless endangerment so that they could strike a plea deal with him in order for him to testify against his fellow officers. Well that plan has blown up in prosecution's face with the mistrial.  The state has no leverage over Officer Porter. The next trial will be for  Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. who was driving the van, his trial is set for January 6th.  So with no leverage over  porter, it will be interesting to see what bag of tricks if any that the prosecution has which I doubt is any.