Friday, May 09, 2008

The Democrat racial divide Part 2


Donna Brazile never struck me as being the sharpest knife in the drawer. The debate she had with Paul Begala just further reinforces that fact. Donna stated that

She “was one of the first Democrats to go into those white working class neighborhoods encouraging white Democrats to not “forget their roots”.

I see Donna is still stuck on stupid eight years later. I hate to use the word elitist, but that is the best word to describe her.So she was “one of the first”? I guess there were no other white Democrats during that time to go into those neighborhoods and “encourage” them, Hillary’s sniper fire in Bosnia statement has more credibility then what Donna spewed. When Donna Brazile was Al Gore’s campaign manager, she said, “We aren’t going to let these white men have all the fun”. So did that statement mean when Donna went into the white Democrat working class neighborhoods, she was going to "encourage" white men not to have any fun? I don't get it. I’m confused about something. Donna said that she encouraged white Democrats not to forget their roots, Howard Dean called the Republican Party “the white male” party.If the Republican Party is the party of white men according to Howard Dean and many other liberal Democrats, how could there be such a thing as a "Democrat White Male”. Howard Dean called the Republican Party “monolithic”, yet anybody who is or truly knows the Republican Party knows that isn’t true. Howard Dean also referred to the Republican Party as “the White Christian Party”. Never mistake insanity for rationality. It’s so ironic that the very people that Howard Dean and other liberals mock and ridicule are in fact the core-voting block of their own party. So without the Democrat white male vote crossing over to support Obama, Barack’s defeat in November will equal that of Ducacus and McGovern. Liberals tried to paint the illusion for the longest time that “white men” were all Republicans. They said that black Republicans and conservatives were “trying to be white” due to them being Republicans or conservatives. So what do they call the white Democrat male? Is he trying to be “black”, because he isn’t a “Republican”? Movon.Org said after the 2006 midterm election that they own the Democrat Party. I seriously doubt that claim. Democrats reclaimed congress thanks to moderate and conservative Democrat “blue dogs” winning seats in southern states. Didn't liberlas say that all the conservative left the Democrat Party and joined the Republican Party? So how come there are still white Democrats in the south? Weren't they all suppose to have switched parties and became Republcans? Isn't that what liberal Democrats tell us over and over and over and over again? Don’t ask a liberal that question, you wouldn’t want their brains to explode trying to answer that question. Donna Brazile is an intellectual political dunce. Listening to her is annoying, but at least her own words completely contradict every lie, half truth, and smear attempt Democrat liberals have used against the Republican Party on the issue of race.


Blogger JMK said...

Pathetically enough elitist Democrats still insist that telling working people and religious folks who tend not to vote for them that "they're voting against their own interests," is a good strategy.

Actually, it's a moronic one.

People (yes, even those white working people) realize when someone is calling them "stupid," like when someone tells'em, "You're voting against your own interests, when you vote against the Democrats."

Of course, who's more "stupid," those who vote against higher taxes and more social spending OR those adhere to a stupid policy of calling those they'd like to recruit "stupid?"

Hmmmm....tough one......OK, no it isn't.

Democrats love to repeat that mantra of "voting against your own interests," but they've NEVER quite been able to argue affirmatively how higher tax rates and more social spending helps those who're already working and DON'T WANT to pay higher taxes, nor benefit from such social spending.

Of course, it's impossible to make that argument to working people without coming off a little...well, you know.

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