Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't liberals understand the "art of satire"?


Liberals are famous for using race as a weapon in which to attack blacks who don't subscribe to their dingbat ideology. In the case of the satire cover of the New Yorker featuring Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, it seems the chickens have come home to roost,no pun intended lol. Liberal activists have gotten their chuckles over the demeaning of several famous black conservatives and republicans in recent years. Now all of a sudden, the laughter seemed to have stopped cold a few days ago. When a picture of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was created to make him look like a "lawn jockey", some liberals couldn't stop laughing to save their lives. When a picture was created mocking Condi Rice showing her in a military outfit saying "I'm fighting for whiteye", That was seen a comedic genius by liberals.
When a photo of Former Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele was manipulated to show him as a "simple sambo", liberals were shooting milk out of their noses, it was better then Comedy Central to them. So why the laughter stopped with this cover of the New Yorker? Liberals can't take a"joke" or is it that liberals can' t take a joke when the target is one of their own? The New Yorker isn't a conservative magazine by no stretch of the imagination. It's very liberal to say the least. The satire of the cover was meant to try and portray the tactics the "right wing" was going to use or habr used against him and his wife. Well the satire missed it's mark completely, and Obama and his legion of sheep are very upset over the cover. To offended Obama supporters all I can say is "tough duck". What goes around truly does come around. The New Yorker broke cardinal rule number one in creating so called satire. The rule is to never ever ever use another liberal as the subject matter in which to demonstrate the satire. If the magazine cover showed a conservative painting a picture of Michelle Obama with an AK-47 and Barack with an Afro,,liberals would have immediately figured it out and that would have been acceptable to them. In the case of the New Yorker, the "evil republican" wasn't in the cover to clarify the message of the editor. Liberals claim to be so sophisticated, I wonder why they didn't figure out the meaning of the message the magazine was trying to communicate? Now Vanity Fair has come to the rescue of the New Yorker by printing it's own "satire" cover showing McCain using a "walker" and his wife CIndy with a handful of pills. I have yet to hear "offended " Obama supporters " come out and condemn the Vanity Fair's cover as "offensive" as well. Actually the Vanity Fair cover is truly more offensive then the New Yorker. People started to form their opinions on Michelle Obama based on her comments both past and present. Cindy McCain a long time ago had a problem with an addiction to prescription drugs, but what does that have to do with "political" satire in regards to Vanity Fair? Vanity Fair has gone to far, to them it's ok since the targets are two Republicans. With liberals, the ends justify the means of course just never when it's one of theirs being used to make the point.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

How racial oversensitivity can lead to self embarrasement.


If "ignorance is bliss", then there are people in our society that are in shear utopia. When I commented on Rene Marie, I wanted to present an example of how blacks in American society have been dumbed down and manipulated by what I call "BSV". That stands for "Black Self Victimization". One of the symptoms of "BSV" is when blacks become oversensitive over a word or phrase that has no racial definition or origin. Here's a case study.During a Dallas Commissioner meeting, the Dallas County Commissioner made a reference to the paperwork seeming to disappear into a "black hole". Anyone who took science or astronomy knows what a black hole is and what it does. Any rational thinking person black or white wouldn't have thought twice about what the commissioner said. So much for rationality in this case. Judge Thomas Jones who is black became upset and wanted an "apology", because of the comment Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield's made about the paper work disappearing into a black hole. He deemed that comment to be "racially insensitive". Just look at the video, and please point out what exactly was "racially insensitive" about what Commissioner Mayfield said in reference to a "black hole".

What stuns me more then this joke of an incident actually being called "controversal" is that Thomas Jones is an actual judge!! This person shouldn't even be in a position of power due to his mental condition. This story also shows how people who are oversensitive demand others to be "politically correct" when in their presence. So what's next on the political correctness, racially oversensitive hit parade? Maybe people like Mr. Jones might want to look into banning the game of "billiards". Doesn't that make sense from a PC point of view? The poor colored balls are racially attacked by the white cue ball, and the "black eight ball" is saved for last to be highlighted how the white cue ball holds dominance over it. This analogy is funny and absolutely absurd I know, and so are people like Mr. Thomas Jones. I guess if the electricity goes out in Mr. Jone's neighborhood, a white person will be ill advised to use term "blackout or brownout". Once again another illustration in which I shake my head and sigh. People like Mr. Jones probably think shadows are oppressed because they are black too and are stood on.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

La fool and Merci boucoup


So American kids need to learn Spanish? Barack Obama seems to be suffering from another lapse in understanding basic geography. This is the United States of America, and people that are born in this country or are naturalized are "American Citizens". Why should Americans have to learn a language that isn't apart of their national identity as citizens? English has always been the language of this country, I forgot Obama isn't really that versed in common sense thinking. This is the first time I've ever heard a Presidential candidate say that the citizens of this country are "embarrassing", because of those that only speak "ONE" language. Are these people embarrassing the United States? That can't be it. The United States became a military, industrial, technological and economic superpower without it being a "bilingual nation". The only person I can think of that thinks the United States is "embarrassing" due to the citizens that aren't bilingual is DRUM ROLL PLEASE, "BARACK OBAMA". You see, Mr. Stupidity doesn't realize that the reason people who live in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa speak more then one language is due to the simple fact that each continent mentioned has many different countries withing their borders. Obviously those countries have different languages. Actually, I am "embarrassed" that Obama couldn't figure that out. An American child should become bilingual because Obama says so? Could it be because Obama and liberals want Europeans to think America is "cool" like they are? The word "embarrassing" is amusing coming from a guy who can't string three sentences together without tripping on his words. I have a proposal for Mr. Obama. How about he let parents teach their kids whatever they want to teach them, and Obama learn the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day and how many states are in our country. Why is it that Obama wants Americans to emulate Europeans in regards to language? I think I have the answer. Obama is a liberal, and liberals love Europe. They think Europeans are more "cultured", "refined", and "sophisticated", then Americans are. He admitted that much already. John Kerry said four years ago that Americans "Have to pass the global test". When George Bush won reelection, liberals were actually apologizing to Europeans for Bush beating Kerry. Many liberal actors and actresses live in Europe. Johnny Depp called Americans "a bunch of stupid puppies". He lives in France. Liberals seem to be very open and comfortable trashing America on foreign soil especially in Europe, yet they don't have the guts to do it here. Why is that? Obama once again just stated what other liberals think. Oh I forgot to mention. Listen to the video very carefully. You will notice that Obama said "All WEEZ can say". Looks like the "articulate one" should focus on English first and be quiet.Obama himself has become "embarrassing".

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An example of black insecurity in America, case study Rene Marie


Here's another sad example of a black brainwashed person in America. A brainwashed self victimized crybaby by the name of Rene Marie was asked to sing at Mayor John Hickenlooper's Denver State of the City address. Rene Marie is a black jazz singer. Most ordinary people would be honored to be asked to sing the National Anthem at their city's State of the City function. Apparently Rene Marie wasn't honored. Ms. Marie took the opportunity to spit in the face of the Denver city council, the mayor of Denver and the citizens of Denver. When it was time for Ms. Marie to sing the National Anthem, she decided she wasn't going to sing it. She performed the song "Lift Every Voice and Sing," which also is known as the "black national anthem". Actually she decided she wasn't going to sing the National Anthem "MONTHS AGO". It wasn't a last minute change on Rene' Marie's part. Councilman Charlie Brown went on the airways after the State of the City address to rightfully attack the lack of the nation's anthem at the event. Mr. Brown said "there's no replacement for the national anthem". He's 100% correct. Mr. Brown stated precisely why the "Lift Every voice and sing" song was so inappropriate. Mr Brown "This is the State of the City address. It's not an NAACP convention,". This is what I don't like about Rene Marie. She was invited in good faith to sing a very patriotic song at an important event for the city of Denver. Ms. Marie decided she was going to deceive everybody by not making "her agenda" known to the mayor and the city council prior to the event. Mr. Brown also said "he thought Marie should have cleared her plans with the mayor's office in advance". Mr. Brown sounds like a rational guy, but he's missing the point. A person who is out to deceive aka "hoodwink" others isn't going to let the people know what he or she is planning to do until it is too late. If because of this stunt of hers she wears out her welcome in Denver, all I can say is she brought all her problems on herself. After her shameful act, Ms. Marie said on a local news station she kept her idea to switch songs a secret until the very last moment. Nobody of course had the guts to ask her why she "kept it a secret". She also said "When I decided to sing my version, what was going on in my head was: 'I want to express how I feel about living in the United States, as a black woman, as a black person". Marie was hired in good faith to sing the National Anthem, but she decided to sing "her version"? So not only is she a deceptive, insecure person, but she also feels that what she wants is more important then the citizens of Denver. For her to have done what she done clearly states how insecure of a person she is in her skin. Rene Marie said that if she had a chance, she would do it all over again. I have an extremely strong feeling that won't happen again in her life time. The mayor of Denver Mr. John Hickenlooper’ was actually trying to defend Ms. Marie. He stated "he spoke to Marie after the ceremony and that she apologized profusely". Oh really? Sounds like someone is lying, because Ms. Marie said that she would sing the same song over again if the opportunity presented itself. Also for months leading up to the address, she didn't feel sorry one bit. So why is Mr. Hickenlooper trying to protect her? Could it possibly be because he is a Democrat mayor, and he doesn't want to upset blacks that have the same mindset as Ms. Marie by attacking her?He also went on to state "She blended the two songs together"," She was trying to make an artistic expression of her love for the country. "She did not intend to make a political statement or anything" Clearly Dr. Hickenlooper is a massive suck up or is in a serious case of denial. This is what Mr. Hickenlooper can't clearly see. The National Anthem is suppose to be song that represents "ALL CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY". Lift Every Voice and Sing is a song that was meant for one group of people in America, blacks. Ms. Marie was making a statement and it was all planned out. It's just like when"Tommie Smith and John Carlos performed the "black power salute at the 1968 Olympic games". I have no doubts that Rene Marie would fit in just fine as a member of the Trinity United Cult of hate. Pass the plate.

Also, who told her she can sing? She can't!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back in action tomorrow

I took some time for a little R & R over the 4th of July holiday. Friday I saw on television immigrants in Seattle take the oath of citizenship to become official United States citizens. That was the most symbolic definition of what Independence Day is all about. I have something to say about the racially insecure and deceptive lady who sung the "black national anthem". Trust me, I didn't forget about the her by a long shot. I'll have it up tomorrow evening.