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This is too juicy and so ironic. For years Democrats have been telling blacks that Republicans are out to "disenfranchise and suppress their votes. Of course no evidence of their claims has ever materialized to this day, yet blacks continue to cling to their lies as the holly grail of truth. Matter of fact every time Democrats lose an election the mental goof balls always claim that Republicans stole that election. If Republicans could steal elections, they wouldn't be the minority party in congress right now. I don't expect liberals to understand common sense, it hurts their fragile minds. Democrats actually should be looking within their own ranks for the people that are trying to commit voter fraud. Actually they know exactly who the groups are. That is the main reason why Democrats oppose voters having to show identification in order to vote. also they are huge supporter of early voting which is prone for fraud. Well it looks like the top Democrat "community organizing" group got caught with their hands in the cookie jar or in this case potentially the ballot boxes in Nevada and four other battle ground swing states. If the name ACORN sounds familiar, it's because Barack Obama was a teacher for ACORN back in his beginnings in Chicago. Acorn stands for "Associations of community organizations for Reform now". This group has a history of committing voter fraud in many states including Washington state during the 2004 election. So once again another radical leftist group that is connected to Barack Obama is exposed. McCain should take this story and completely destroy him with it. This is the sliver bullet that can completely destroy Obama's credibility, and the last debate is the perfect time to use it. Acorn being exposed trying to steal the election is the equivalent of an "October surprise" in favor of McCain. Obama cried when Governor Palin mocked his "community organizer" days. Well if Obama is so proud of his community organizing activities teaching Acorn, then he should have no problem coming to their defense right? Or will he throw Acorn under the bus even though Acorn was trying to commit voter fraud obviously on his behalf. This clip is from Greta Von Susteran show on Fox News

Here's the story from Las Vegas channel 13 news

This is the response from Acorn after they were busted in Las Vegas. The words clueless, stupid, ignornant, moronic, hapless, and dumb don't do these people any sort of justice. I guess these fools are fired up because they got caught red handed?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Them crazy liberals!

They are so sensitive that they can not stand to listen to someone telling them they are doing something without wisdom.


You can't take critisism.

You are weak...and ACORN proves...dishonest!

10:45 AM  
Blogger JMK said...

More proof of the NEED for states to enact more stringent voter ID requirements.

It also requires poll watchers.

Here in NYC, David Dinkins first win over Guiliani was marred by widespread voter fraud....many polling places had 100% of their registered voters voting, which was AMAZING, since hundreds of registered voters had died within that year and weren't yet expunged from the rolls.

During Guiliani's two wins, NYC cops and firefighters served as poll watchers and as a result almost 100,000 LESS votes were cast in those elections.

What does that prove?

ONLY one conclusion can be made, as no one's ID was checked, there was, in fact far LESS cases of people (polling places workers?) voting for people who didn't actually show up.

There IS no other possible explanation.

3:38 PM  
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