Friday, October 03, 2008

The Hockey Mom Governor beats the elitist Washington insider Senator.

Ever since Governor Sarah Palin arrived on the nation scene, she has been instantly attacked by liberals in the media like no other candidate in U.S political history. Liberals attacked her daughter, her husband, hacked her email account, and tried to frame her as a clueless airhead that is nothing more then pretty to look at. From day one liberals and the media tried to dismiss her as not important, yet they can't stop obsessing on trying to destroy her. The media thought they succeeded with the sneak attacks disguised as interviews by liberal journalist activists Charles Gibson and Katie Couric. Well it's back to the drawing board for them again, because last night clearly demonstrated that they have failed to assassinate her character and give "their" impression of her. I've heard so many liberals gleefully telling me prior to the debate that Biden was going to mop the floor with Governor Palin. I just laughed knowing that they were going to be in for a rude awakening once the debate started. Thank you Governor Palin for proving me right and making liberals cringe for two hours during the debate. Speaking of Couric and Gibson, I might have actually had some respect for them if they would have asked the same questions they asked Barack Obama that they did to Palin. Even with all that has happened up to this point, Sarah Palin has fought on and clearly has demonstrated that she can debate with the best of the Washington elites, but she has clearly demonstrated that she has what it takes to connect with mainstream America and be the leader of this nation. Palin was right, the media can't filter, distort and frame what is live.

Frank Luntz held a focus group real time poll among Ohio independent voters. Here's the results on how well they thought she did.


Blogger Pamela said...

I did not watch the debate. II was working until almost 11 pm last night.

It is very apparent to me that she is one that thrives best when her back is against the wall. They should know this by now. They did this before the Republican debates. She came out as herself. They tried even harder. Evidently she came out of the cave last night.

Maybe they will get a clue and leave her alone. The more they mess with her the more she shines.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

She did great pamela. The line she gave about bypassing the mainstream media's filter and talking directly to the American people was clasic!! At certain points Biden was clearly becoming flustered with Sarah. She did a good job as well at attacking Biden for trying to link McCain to Bush. Her line about Biden always looking back and never forward was also dead on the money pamela. This debate was watched by almost 60 million people. I believe it will be hard for the activist journalists to further portray her as a "dumb pretty face" now. To many people that watched the debate know better. I wish she could debate again pamela. Since liberals desperately want to compare the records of Obama to Palin's, I say let Palin debate Obama. For all the stuff libs talk aobut Palin, they will never agree to that because they know that barack the magic stuttering machine gun would go down in flames to palin.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I recorded the wrong channel last night. We have two digital PBS channels where I live. Maybe the channel I recorded also played the debate. If not I will try and catch the video on C-SPAN.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Black Hockey "Mama" who also hunts, fish, go crabbing, farm I say to Mrs. Palin, "You Go Girl".
I lived in the Northwest and you play hockey on ice, not basketball in Winter. We ate the food we killed, like many blacks eat chicken someone else killed.
Republicans need to fight back, as blacks respect a fighter, even if they don't fight. A "sista" who knows how to use "Harvard" talk and Ebonics when needed would be an asset to McCain-Palin!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I couldn't agree

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democrats don't appear to approve of Sarah Palin not only for political reasons but because she lives a life which is controversial to many of their ideas. She proved by her own lifestyle by giving birth to her son Trig who was born with down syndrome, that she does not support abortion. She spoke at an anti-abortion group to a crowd of over 3000 attendants. She said in her speech that her son is a miracle and that all births cannot be perfect. I agree with her, and I write about the positive things about
Sarah Palin

1:41 PM  

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