Monday, April 06, 2009

Is Obama "subservient" to Islam?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Obama's "gifts" to the Queen of England and Prime Minister Gordon Brown were nothing more then an insult. The apologists for Obama can try to defend his undefendable acts all they want. Now Obama has done something else remarkably stupid and even more embarrassing. A few days ago Obama visited King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. It is hard to tell from one moment to the next whether Saudi Arabia is an ally or an enemy. Great Britain's support for the United States has never been in question. They have always been a solid friend of our country. Because of our strong ties with Great Britain, I'm puzzled at the greeting Obama gave King Abdullah versus that of the one he gave Queen Elizabeth.

Many scenarios ran through my mind when I watched this video and saw this picture. This so called President of the United States shouldn't be bowing to any leader of another country unless it's a "bilateral" gesture. This wasn't the case with Obama and King Abdullah. King Adullah himself banned his own people from bowing to him back in 2005, I guess this information wasn't forwarded to Obama's Blackberry. Not only did he bow to King Abdullah, moreover this pathetic excuse of a President kissed the King's ring for good measure. I can't say that I have less respect for Obama for his humiliating act as this country's top representative, because I don't have much respect for him as a human being in the first place. I guess it kind of evens out, Obama did look "natural" when he was bowing. I wonder did the flash backs of his days in Indonesia come back to him while he was kneeling?

I'm going to weigh my theory out and see what I come up with. On one side of the scale,

Queen Elizabeth
1. She's the Queen of England
2. She's a Christian
3. She's a woman

King Abdulla
1. He's the King of Saudi Arabi
2. He's a Muslim
3. He's a man

Here's the question I can't answer. Why did Obama use two entirely different greetings for KIng Abdulla and Queen Elizabeth? Something isn't adding up here. I wonder is it a "gender thing" or a "religious thing" for Obama? There could be a third aspect at play. Maybe the third option is that Obama's "handlers" are just as much in the dark as Obama himself. Liberals tried to create an imaginary fault with Governor Sarah Palin last year. They along with Obama's media friends tried to make an issue about Palin not having "foreign policy experience". It would seem that Obama's "greetings and gift giving skills" to dignitaries and leaders of foreign countries show just how inexperienced he is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gave some good points as to what he is or not. He was raiused a marxist at first, then 4 yeaRS AS A mUSLIM in Indonesia. glad he left before the real Muslims took control and beheaded christian children on their way to school.

Why condemn America and never the 1500 years of hate and slavery of Islam. I have never heard him say why Islam is at war with us. His book called the Quran says 33000 kill all non-muslims and fight them and terrorize them forever. He should have asked Turkey why did they kill over a million white Christians and never apologized in 1915. Hitler used the example of how the world never helped the Christians to demonize the Jews. He said if no one helped the christians, no one would help the Jews or the 25000 Black Germnans he sterilized in 1940s. Hitler didnt want to kill the Jews at first, he just wanted them to leave Germany, because many were Marxist/Communist. Hussein suggested that Hitler kill all of them and he tried.

Reparation payments should be paid by the Arab Muslims who along with the African Muslims captured and sold other Africans to Arabs and European. Europeans had more sense than to chase through the jungles capturing African blacks.

The NAACP says Egypt is Arabic. The Quran says Pharaoh was a Muslim and never died!

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