Monday, March 22, 2010

Even CNN can't spin how Americans do not want Obamacare to become law.

I've said it before that every poll is showing that Americans are as mad as hell at the thought of Obamacare becoming law. CNN is normally the mouth piece for Obama and his fellow liberal hordes. The Baghdad Bob media now has a problem. They can't spin the American people's disgust over this bill. In the latest CNN poll, 59% hold an unfavorable opinion of this bill that will become law tomorrow.

CNN " A majority of Americans have a dim view of the sweeping health care bill passed by the House, saying it gives Washington too much clout and won't do much to reduce their own health care costs or federal deficit".

It is safe to say that if Obama campaigns for any candidate facing re election this year, it might as well be considered the kiss of death for that Democrat candidate. When Obama's allies in the media can't smooth over the waters for their messiah, Obama and Democrats have a huge problem on their hands. Most of the people who are opposed to Obamacare know what is in the bill. The people who oppose Obamacare know more about this piece of legislation and what it will do then the traitorous sellouts who voted for it and didn't even read it.  This poll by of all places CNN shows that the Americans people by a near 60% majority aren't stupid and won't be played for stupid by Obama, Pelosi and Reid.


Blogger johntsharp said...

Keep on writing! I enjoy reading your opinions.

9:58 PM  
Blogger cnr said...

Everything we needed to know about Obama was there right in front of our eyes during the campaign. Unfortunately, there were those who bought into the hype and the rhetoric. This cannot be the "hope and change" the voters had envisioned. Now, generations will pay the price in the name of "hope and change". Like Rush Limbaugh said yesterday, "There is no such thing as a moderate democrat". As conservatives, we need to go beyond single issues such as abortion and look at the bigger picture. I feel we were shafted in 2008 with the media nominating McCain for us conservatives. The whole scenario played out exactly the way the media planned it; old vs. younger, Bush vs. new, cranky old man vs. a smooth talking young man and the list just goes on and on. I'm not a huge fan of Romney but he would have been better than McCain. Yeah he was not solidly on the pro-life side but let's face it, it's going to take the will of God to reverse Roe vs. Wade. No one in their sane mind is going to take on Roe vs. Wade. SO what played out was Huckabee taking away votes from Romney and the media playing up Romney's religion. Again, I repeat, look at the bigger picture.

Let's hope the GOP has the backbone to repeal, but somewhere deep inside me I'm not holding my breath. The whole healthcare bill needs to be abolished not just little bits of pieces here and there. Along with repealing Obamacare, the GOP need to offer real healthcare reform. If there was anytime I thought America was going down the wrong track, it would be now.

Tyrone, keep up the good work.

God Bless America.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess poor CNN is in a tizzy. Oh whatever shall they do to spare Obama the wrath of the citizenry. Well to be honest not a darn thing!
I say good I'm glad enough people realize they're being bled dry by an arrogant Washington D.C. and Congress!

12:56 PM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

johnt "Keep on writing! I enjoy reading your opinions."

Thanks Johnt, I appreciate your kind words. As long as Obama is in the White House, I won't have a shortage of things to say. lol

cnr "Everything we needed to know about Obama was there right in front of our eyes during the campaign. Unfortunately, there were those who bought into the hype and the rhetoric."

Obama gave the dults and the sheep the open ended platitudes of "hope & change". Obama was seen as been fresh, clean, articulate and didn't have a negro dialect. He was a liberal's dream candidate. Liberals for the most part aren't known for analytical thinking. They are known for how they "feel" about an issue. Obama played on their feelings, he was never specific about any certain issue UNTIL he was elected. I agree cnr, there is no such thing as a blue dog pro life democrat. Stupack just shot that theory to high hell and back. They only exist in name only. They'll be slaughtered come November. People are no longer going to accept "conservative lite". I could have accepted Romney in a president over Obama any day of the week. I believe the economy would have been on the road to recovery as him as president, because the private sector would know that they wouldn't have anything to fear from his administration and that would have given them the confidence to get back to business. cnr, this law will be repealed come 2013. The stakes are way to high and people now know what is at stake when the poison of this law goes into motion. Conservatives and Independents are now more focused and united then anytime in recent memory. Keep the faith cnr, we will get through the Obama error.

5:00 PM  
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