Thursday, March 04, 2010

Juan Williams:Palin Successful Because She's Attractive Part 1

Liberals really don't know how two faced and bigoted they truly are. It frankly amazes me to the level of how clueless and naive these people truly are. These are the self righteous loud mouths that say that conservative men like their women "barefoot and pregnant" while slaving over a kitchen stove. I'm sure liberals like Juan William believe that. I came to a conclusion a long time ago that liberals project their own intolerance and closed minded traits onto conservatives. Here is an example of what I mean. Lets say for example that a liberal female was born and raised in New York City. This liberal female became a council woman from the Bronx and eventually became Mayor of New York City. This liberal female later ran for Governor and won. Lets then say that this liberal female was picked by the Democrat nominee for president to be his Vice Presidential running mate. What would happen if a high profile conservative male republican would have said that "the only reason why this female is successful is because she is attractive", what would have been the response to such a statement? That conservative would have been destroyed times ten over not only by the media but by every feminist group in this country along with liberals in general. I know how the game is played, so there really isn't no denying or disputing this fact. I know Juan Williams is an arrogant elitist prick. He has proven it over the years with great consistency. I know liberals like Juan can't stand the thought of Sarah Palin for some unknown reason, but the approach taken by Juan really was an attack against all self made women.

When did it become a sin for a woman in politics to be attractive? I would love to ask Juan does a woman has to unattractive in order to be acknowledged for her accomplshments or as long as she is liberal then she's exempt? Juan Williams has his head so far up his rear end, he can't really smell the roses so to speak. I doubt completely that Juan would have ever said that the only reason Geraldine Ferraro was successful was because she was attractive. He couldn't' really have said that, because she really wasn't attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I know. Sarah Palin is a self made conservative woman, and that is something that Juan can't wrap his elitist mind around. The candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the U,S Senate and the Presidency was based entirely on her last name of Clinton. In many ways it can be said that George Bush benefited from his father Herbert Walker Bush being president and his last name. Here's the thing to note, the Palin name was made famous not by Todd Palin but by "his wife". What pricks like William can't stand to admit is that it was Sarah who became a city councilwoman and then mayor of Wasila. It was Sarah who ran and become governor of Alaska. These were all her accomplishments and hers alone. I found it fascinating that Juan thought that Sarah couldn't match up against Barack. The reality is that Barack Obama has never faced any true competition. This is the fact that can't be disputed. Nobody in their right mind would say that John McCain and Allen Keyes was legitimate competition for Obama. I hate to burst the fantasy bubble for which Juan lives in, but Barack Obama isn't as smart as he is fooling himself into believing he is. What the nation if figuring out is that "professors don't make for good leaders".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't argue with your analysis CB. I cannot stand Liberal hypocrisy it's enough to make me physically ill. The only therapy I get from the boobery of Liberals is the fact that I can make fun of them!
What makes it even more delicious is how thin skinned Liberals are when you point out their duplicity!

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