Friday, February 19, 2010

Why should I care about Tiger Wood's love life?

I CAN CARE LESS!!! Since Jon & Kate went off the air last year, I guess people are missing their reality show train wrecks which are other people's lives. The only reason why I watched Tiger's statement today was, because "it was on all the channels". I really didn't have much of a choice. I find it laughable that the media is upset, because Tiger didn't answer any questions. If I recall right, the bond of marriage is between a man and his wife. I don't believe that Tiger & Elin are under no obligation to answer prying questions from the press. Since the media has no problem respecting the privacy of Barack and Michelle as a married couple, one would think that the media should use them as an example and give Tiger and his wife their privacy. People who were interviewed on the cable news shows were claiming that Tiger's speech sounded canned and it wasn't authentic. Even though Tiger apologized to everyone, I don't believe he had to do it. As a person, I wasn't offended by Tiger's actions. Frankly, I could care one way or the other. He knows the damage he has done, and he is taking the first steps to repairing the damage. I remember when Michael Vick was sentenced to prison for his dog fighting activities. After he served his sentence and lost everything because of his actions, there are still people that haven't learned to let go to this day.  For what it is worth, the thirteen minute media event is now over. One would think that with our nation thirteen trillion dollars in debt and millions of people out of work, we would be focusing on more pressing issues then this reality soap opera.


Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

he is a pervert and deviant. He is not sorry for anything he did. He is only sorry he got caught. I have no clue what the deal is with people obsessing over other people's drama, all on live TV....

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know why does the media, the paparazzi and the tabloids so obsessed with all celebrities? Because trash and drama sells.

Take a couple of years ago when Britney Spears was hauled of in an ambulance and possibly into a padded room because of her outrageous behavior.

Or when games and other shows were interrupted and a small screen shows revealing of OJ Simpson in the famous Bronco chase.

Let's talk politics: during the Presidential election, the media was more concerned about Sarah Palin's family and her daughter's love life; she was never given privacy.
On the other hand, the liberal media took the consideration to leave Obama' family alone. But when the other media revealed about his past relationships with his racist pastor, oh no-not acceptable.
As far as I'm concerned, get this tabloid journalism off my tv and let me watch my shows! Buy a magazine if you like trash!

7:28 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Anonymous;"As far as I'm concerned, get this tabloid journalism off my tv and let me watch my shows! Buy a magazine if you like trash!".

"Tabloid" journalism sells...epso-facto, it makes money for the "tee-vee" networks. As far as asking that TV exec's not to produce tabloid type journalism, it's like asking Playboy magazine to only publish in-depth interviews without the naked girls! Sex sells! Tabloid journalism sells!

2:13 PM  
Blogger Libertarian Advocate said...

"Tabloid journalism sells" ... because IDIOTS buy!!!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous allyHM said...

p. anthony allen:

I think you meant "ipso facto" not "epso-facto" (no dash needed).

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree I could care less about Tiger Wood's infidelity. It's between him and his wife. He doesn't owe us an apology.

11:11 PM  

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