Thursday, March 04, 2010

Juan Williams: Palin Successful Because She's Attractive Part 2

Maybe Juan is still hurting from the exchange he had with Warren Ballentine a few months ago. I defended Juan when Warren made a racial statement towards him at the end of the interview on Bill O'Reily's show.

Juan responded to Warren's racial statement later when he was guest hosting Bill's show. In his commentary to the statement Warren made, it was clear that Juan was very ticked off about what Warren called him.

It would seem that Juan is good at dishing out certain comments about others, but he can't take it when it is thrown at him. What Warren Ballentine said about Juan was racial in nature, and what Juan said about Sarah was sexist in nature.

I really would like to ask Juan the following questions about Sarah Palin if I ever had the chance to.

1. Would a President Sarah Palin ever bow to world leaders and the Mayor of Tampa Florida like Obama did?

2. Would a President Palin ever refer to the Navy Corpemen as "CORPSEmen" three times as Commander in Chief?

3. Would a President Sarah Palin lie uncontrollably to the American people on every issue?

4. Would a President Sarah Palin think so little of the American people and try and ram through a bill that Americans overwhelmingly don't want?

5. Would a President Sarah Palin subscribe to Keynesian economics and spend our country trillions of dollars into the hole to create imaginary shovel ready and green jobs?

6. Would a President Palin know what it takes over Obama in knowing how to jump start the private sector into hiring and getting the economy moving?

We've seen the damage Barack Obama has caused in little over a year and counting as president. If these are the actions of the "smartest person to ever become president", then I would rather have a person as president who is the opposite. The prerequisite to be president shouldn't be about who is the most "book smart" person. It should come down to who has a better grasp on "common sense solutions". I know for a fact that a President Sarah Palin wouldn't dare be a big government spender like Obama is for a simple reason. I believe Sarah knows through "common sense" that by the government continuously spending, more and more money, that money is going to have to be paid back at some point. She knows that raising taxes to pay down a massive government debt will mean more money will be taken out of people's pockets to pay down the debt thus leaving less money to spend in the economy in order to contribute to it's growth. It doesn't take a college professor to figure this out. This is what Juan left out in his sarcastic dissing of Sarah Palin. Sarah knows all about how to run government, she has the experience doing it. She knows who are the job creators and that government is no substitution for the private sector. Once again, it doesn't take a college professor to figure this out. I'm not a Harvard Law School graduate like Obama, yet I understand how the economy works, go figure!


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