Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Recap:Senator Jim Bunning tarred and feathered, because he dared to hold Obama at his word.

The motto for Obama and Democrats should be "don't take us at our word or hold us to it". This whole Senator Jim Bunning "controversy" is such a freaking joke. The media barely covered the legitimate problems facing Charlie Rangel because of him violating House ethics rules. The media had no problem using Alinsky Jijutsu on Senator Bunning. Bunning's words didn't matter to the media in how they reported on him. All they cared about was that he was the obstacle holding up unemployment benefits. Democrats and the media went as far as to say that Seantor Bunning was "filibustering" the transportation bill. Our nation is in deep trouble when morons in the media and congress don't even know what a filibuster procedure is and what isn't. Then again, maybe they did know. They just thought they could smear Senator Bunning with the "seriousness of charge" and that would be enough. It was Barack Obama who said of Feb 13th that he wanted to see Pay GO rules implemented going forward.

The only thing Senator Bunning did was "hold Obama to his word". For him believing Obama, Bunning was tarred and feathered as being the grinch who was trying to deny people unemployment benefits. The Republican leadership was pathetic in not standing behind and supporting Seanator Bunning. How can these jokers talk about fiscal restraint when the cameras are on them, yet they run for the hills when they have to back up those words in a real life situation? The simple fact is that there was no funding source to pay for the transportation bill and the unemployment benefits. I've noticed that Obama also stayed clear in not saying anything on the matter. Lie, distort and smear has become the liberal's three prong attack stratetgy in congress and outside of Washington. I truly believe their attacks on Senator Bunning will not help them come November. In a congress that is seen as being way out of control and out of touch with the American mainstream, Senator Jim Bunning was seen by many as a person who stood up on the principal of fiscal responsibility, and his actions showed that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their media allies could care less about integrity.


Blogger Unknown said...

this is the exact reason why I am no longer a card-carrying republican.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I'm still registered as a Republican only because I am too lazy to become an Independent. Republicans had a golden opportunity to back up Bunning and demonstrate how liberal Democrats don't care about fiscal restraint. They blew, because they got scared and whimpered into the corner like a puppy. The only way I will become active within the Republican Party is when conservatives finally regain control.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous pino said...

It was Barack Obama who said of Feb 13th that he wanted to see Pay GO rules implemented going forward.

Well said.

By passing Pay GO they are only saying they are fiscally conservative. But by waiving Pay GO they only demonstrate that they never had any intention of acting as if they were.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well when I register to vote I will register as an Independent. I'm still a conservative. I'm not surprised that Mr. Bunning was treated like a leper. It's sad that the Republicans didn't come to his defense.
To me principle trumps party line!

11:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I identify myself as a "conservative independent".

12:46 PM  

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