Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why would any hispanic person vote for a Republican?

Got to love Harry Reid for being the arrogant, clueless ass wipe that he is. I have yet to have a liberal regardless of race ever ask me why as a black male that I am a staunch conservative. All they know is too attack me for being one instead of inquiring why I am. I have discovered this to be the pattern of how most liberals think. Liberal falsely claim to be all about embracing "diversity", their own words always seem to contradict their claim. For example, this is what Harry Reid had to say about Hispanics and the Republican Party two weeks ago.

It's been said that liberal Democrats seek to divide Americans along the lines of race and class. Reid's comments proved that without a shadow of a doubt. I believe that people regardless of race have the right to belong to any political party they chose. Obviously my beliefs run counter to what many liberals who claim to embrace diversity believe. I've wondered for a long time how white liberals get off calling black conservatives Uncle Toms and House Niggers. I believe that it has to do in part because black liberals empowered them to be able to do so. The slave rhetoric is used mainly be liberals to attack non white conservatives. What Harry Reid said as a white liberal about Hispanics shows who are the modern day slave owners in America. Harry like many liberals believe that non whites are and should be their property, because they aren't white. When I am called a "House Nigger" by black and white liberals, I just laugh, because I know something they will never figure out. The day that black liberals start to question the ideology and policies of liberal Democrats, he or she will be ostracized as well. When you think about it realistically, the plantation hire hierarchy still exists.

Harry is no stranger to racist and racially insensitive remarks. How can anyone forget Reids now famous foot in mouth moment when he was quoted last year in the book "Game Change"saying that Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Back in 2001, President George Bush nominated former Justice Department lawyer Miguel Estrada to a seat on the Federal Court of Appeals. Top Democrats moved quickly to deep six his nomination, because they felt Bush was eventually going to nominate Estrada to the Supreme Court if a position became available. Of course if that would have happened, Miguel Estrada would have been the first American of Hispanic descent to become a Supreme Court Justice. Liberals like Dick Durbin and Harry Reid couldn't allow that to happen of course. In their eyes, Miguel was the "wrong kind " of Hispanic. If liberals truly cared about different ethnic classes like they claim, they wouldn't being saying the things like Harry Reid and others on the left say. If a black person wants to be a Republican, that is his or her choice. If an American of Hispanic descent wants to be a Republican, that is also his or her choice. Liberals really need to practice accepting diversity not just talking about it. Harry said "Need he say more". I say keep on talking Harry. You are just proving everything we've know about how liberalism and diversity truly don't mix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry must assume most Hispanics align themselves with illegal immigrants. Harry has proven himself to be the racist phony that I've always suspect many liberals of being.

Harry must think that blacks and hispanics are monolithic entities rather than individuals.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think stil a free country
so vote take right elected offcial
and anny politician can make anny speech free country

alberto gorin

3:04 PM  

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