Wednesday, August 04, 2010

At least a dollar can still buy something.

The old saying goes "a fool and his money are soon departed", even if it is just one dollar in this case. Talk about the bargain of the decade right? You might not be able to buy a cup of coffee for a dollar, but apparently you can buy a failed liberal magazine for just one dollar. Some poor smuck has finally come forward to buy a money pit masquerading itself off as a weekly news publication. I thought it was embarrassing when the once high profile brokerage firm Bear Stern sold itself to JP Morgan Chase for just three dollars a share back in 2008, but the Newsweek sale has that beat. Ladies and Gentlemen, the sucker I meant buyer of Newsweek is Mr. Sidney Harmon. Mr. Harmon besides obviously having money to burn is the co founder of Harman Kardon Inc. Harmon Kardon is known throughout the stereo equipment industry. His wife Jane Harman is the ultra liberal Californian congresswoman. Jane also just happens to be the third-wealthiest member of Congress, with a net worth of at least $112 million. I thought the Republican Party was suppose to be the "party of the rich" according to Barry Obama.  The Harmons are rich Democrats. Mr. Harmon doesn't have any experience in the media industry, and he didn't present any plans for attempting to turn around Newsweek. As long as the content remains the same, the magazine will continue to bleed money hand over fist. No changing of the board, editors, personnel will change that. What would I pay for Newsweek if I was presented with the offer? 


Blogger Sojournerlove said...

Whoa so mega rich liberals spent money on Newsweek. Talk about having more money than sense. I always found it hilarious how Liberals decry evil rich folks and yet they happen to be rich themselves.

If I had millions of dollars I'd start my own animation studio that would be a better investment than a crappy Liberal bird cage liner.

2:34 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

libs are hypocrites to their core. It's amazing how elitist Democratic rich liberals can so easily sucker the non rich liberals dems into believing that some how the Republican Party is the party of the rich. I can't even count how many rich democratic liberals in Obama's administration who are tax cheats. These people are so freaking phony.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous I hear ya said...

I doubt BO has ever ‘really’ worked one day in his whole life, but he has become a millionaire in this unfair, must be transformed, USA. Of course, vying for food at the government trough with a bunch of fat pigs can’t be child’s play either. Rich, failed attorneys as our government leaders has lead us to the low point we endure today, IMHO.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Constructive Feedback said...

Newsweek has been so shamelessly biased for years. You only need to look at their partnership with MSNBC (on their web site) and how the various programs on PBS have linkages to this incestuous relationship to understand how this all works.

The show "You Need To Know" on PBS features the publisher of Newseek and Alison Stewart formerly of MSNBC. I recall several years ago that there was outrage from the left over the "bias" of the "Wall Street Journal Report" when it debuted on PBS. Now they are on Fox and all is well.

Yet this show, Bill Moyers and several other news themed shows reside on PBS and no one raises an eyebrow.

Didn't you all figure (all though wrongly) that with the Democrats in total power in Washington DC (and in many cases locally) that the attack media would be holding them accountable just as they did the past administration?

4:52 PM  

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