Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's mourning in America.

One of the most famous presidential political ads ever created was the 1984 "It's Morning Again in America" ad created by the Ronald Reagan Campaign. The word "morning" represented a new beginning, and the commercial reflected the upbeat mood of the nation. The reason why the ad worked is because the people could relate to the positive changes that were happening in their lives due to Reagan policies.

Well 2010 isn't' 1984 as we all know and are experiencing. The optimism the country felt under the Ronald Reagan administration is non existent under the Obama administration. The media will never report the mood of the nation as it currently stands, but the people don't need the media to report the obvious. An organization called "Citizens For The Republic" recreated the 1984 Reagan ad and did a 180 degree flip on the message. The title of their version is " There's Mourning in America". I watched the ad yesterday, and it was sheer brilliance. What the " Morning" ad did to highlight the optimism of the nation in 1984, the "There's Mourning" ad highlight's the problems and pessimism of the nation now in 2010.


Anonymous TC said...

Well, if Obama is the 2nd coming of Carter, then who will be vying to do what the great communicator Ronald Reagan did to make America great again? Then we may say "there's morning in America."

10:57 PM  

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