Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Leave it to a white liberal to call a black conservative "bigoted and ignorant".

It's going to be so much fun having Allen West and Tim Scott serving in congress. Some on the left still can't comprehend how exactly did those two got elected. I'm sure that obnoxious liberal kook Ed Schultz has been asking himself that very gquestion since election night. It's a foregone conclusion that West and Scott are going to be a magnet for heightened attacks by the left once they are seated in January. I guess Wacka Doodle Ed isn't going to wait until then. Last week on his lowly rated show on the lowly rated cable channel MSNBC, Ed verbally attacked Allen West by calling West "Bigoted and Ignorant". Ed doesn't like the views by West on the issue of Muslim extremism. I know what the response would be if a white conservative would have called Obama "ignorant and a bigot". Oh wait, liberals went mental, when Glen Beck called Obama a racist. In the case of ol screwy Ed, the NAACP and others won't speak out against ED. The NAACP knows who "butters their bread" so to speak. Before Ed Schultz utter the words bigot and ignorant in the direction of Mr. West, he should call out his own fellow liberals who attack blacks and others of different ethnicity who are conservatives. Yeah right, I'll wait for that to happen. I still can't believe MSNBC actually pays this guy.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that West was right in his comment that Washington DC is immune to layoffs. I would wager that Ed didn't take time to educate himself by reading the story from BNet about why young people go to Washington DC to find work. They love the government jobs. A few months ago, the job search engine site juju released their rankings of the cities that are the easiest to find a job and the cities that are the most difficult to find employment. The city that was ranked number one in being the "easiest" to find a job was WASHINGTON DC. So the person who is the victim of his own ignorance is Ed Shultz, but we all pretty much knew that anyways.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allen West presents a challenge to Obama and the Democrats. He is a Republican, a Colonel, educated, and an America black, pure and loves America. He exposes Islam for what it is, evil from allah to the prisoner who converted and jihadist bombers. He saw Islam first hand and knows better than Obama. Indonesians want the statue of Obama removed from Indonesia because he is not Indonesian. Obama is international you know.One world government you know under tyranny.

Capita;ism made America great and America shared with the world,yet now some of those fed hate us based on Marxist and Muslim BLACK lIBERATION tHEORY.bLACKS ARE PAWNS TO THIS LIBERATION IDEOLOGY. Wright used religion to spread black liberation in Chicago where not one knew what the Bible said, only James Cone's Bible which says, "If God cannot do what Blacks want, then Blacks dont need God". Schultz needs to shut up, as West can run circles around him.
Schultz would vote for Sharia Law even though Sharia Law/Islamic Law says blacks should be slaves. Pawns like Schultz are a shame to American blacks. West said he would fight Islamic Law as it is anti-blacks and has made fools of black Muslims and liberals and most Democrat.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always found white liberals to be condescending hypocritical racist phonies. Who died and gave them the authority to tell me as a black person how I am supposed think,feel and vote. They seriously need to take their phony self-righteous blather and shove it up their rear-end!

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Night Train said...

Schultz got after Rush on this tax cut issue and Democrats have come out and been saying, "It's Christmas time, we can't cut back on Unemployment to the 99ers" and I'm a compassionate guy. Schultz even brought up the matter of tax cuts on his show and Rush but Schultz did not give the total story.

Rush sure got it right in saying 'why is this the one time the Democrats talk about "CHRISTmas"??' For everything else, it's all this secularism or all of this diversity stuff and we can't offend any other faith and all this. Separation of Church and State yes but for those of us who want Nativity scenes and all this other?? Why not??

Christ First!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to not mind Ed too much and perhaps his own personal ideas are not too bad as far as listening to. But he's got a show to sell and his ratings are last among all of the talking heads shows, he only gets around 750,000 viewers compared say to O'Reilly who has around 2,500,000 or even higher, Drudge runs those numbers routinely.

But he's being sensational, he pimps himself. I won't even give examples but he is being so superficial, he's not worth the time, I mean, he might say some things worth thinking about but the fantasy brings that down. He's not dealing with reality, if he has Pat Buchanan on, well, Pat still deals with reality. Ed's practically making stuff up now. At this rate, he won't be on a year from now. Of course, MSNBC's big hitter is Olbermann.

Schultz also has some African American 'Conservative' commentator on, maybe every Friday, not sure how often. A skinny man who wears glasses. I don't watch the show seriously so the times I have seen him on, I haven't gotten his name.

10:51 PM  

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