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Herman Cain is rigiht. Stupid people are running America.

Those were the words from Herman Cain speaking today at CPAC. I was going to wait until the end of CPAC Sunday to give a recap on the best speakers and my thoughts, but I changed my mind. Liberals do it all the time and never get any flap over it, so I should be able to do it as well, cough cough. I've been meaning to share my thoughts on a possible Herman Cain run for the Republican nomination, but as usual something came up and I forgot. I like Herman Cain a lot, he's a straight shooter. Herman has a firm grasp on common sense thinking.

I think he has a long shot at winning the nomination though due to his lack of name recognition. I also feel however that Obama has made it much more difficult for any other black person to ever be elected president. That's just my opinion, and I hope I am wrong. Even though Obama is no different in governing then how Howard Dean or John Kerry would have governed if they were elected president, they're are going to be people who are going say that "we gave the black guy a chance and look what happened". They won't be able to separate the ideology from the person. Here's another obstacle facing Herman if he decides to run. I remember when Michael Steele won the position as Republican National Committee Chairman, I knew what the liberal response was going to be when he won. It wasn't going to be congratulations. It was that Steele was only picked in an attempt by the GOP to "copy Obama". Of course that claim was beyond stupid, It still didn't stop the left from going forth with the notion. If Herman is serious about running, he should wait until 2016 or 2020 at the earliest. That's just my opinion. I know several conservatives who think very highly of Cain and would like him to run. He has a very impressive business background as the CEO who turned around the Godfather Pizza company, and a person with a business background is really what America desperately needs right now. A community organizer doesn't know anything about stimulating private sector job creation. They are normally the ones demonizing it to being with. Cain wouldn't be the first black person to run for the Republican nomination. Alan Keyes from my state of Maryland ran in 2008. Alan has a very bright conservative mind, but his delivery in communicating his beliefs is a different story. It would be fascinating to watch Herman school Obama on how the economy and capitalism really works. Maybe that opportunity might happen. Time will tell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a chance to see Mr. Cain on Sean Hannity's show, and he was very direct and straight to the point. However, he wont stand a chance of even coming close to obtaing the GOP nomination opposite the marginally talented Obama. It's unfortunate, that there are individuals who are suffering from tunnel vision, and will measure the success and failures of one minority figure opposite another. Michael Steele had an opportunity to change the lukewarm course of direction of the GOP, but he blew it, by playing into the hands of the opposition, and conducting such a disappointing leadership. Despite his swift exit as the head of the GOP, none of the excessive mishaps of Barack Obama will prevent him from gaining symphony by the same gullible voters who supported him while rightfully booting him out from office.. White liberals have cornered the market of placing unqualified liberal-minded women, homosexuals and minorities into positions of power, while easily glossing over their obvious character flaws and numerous defects, by encouraging the general populous into accepting their proggressive ideals, which many of them don't support. No matter how much damage their "Obamastein" monster causes, the compassionate liberal, will always coerce the gullible public into refraining from criticizing him, and his left-wing cronies, lest they be accused of being a racist, sexist or homophobe! So, this is why we're stuck with the likes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Janet Napolitano. An assortment of know-nothing liberals, with a combined IQ of a paper towel, making misguided decisions that will effect the future of this country, in years to come. At this point, I, can fairly attest, transfer this group with the cast of The Jersey Shore! How much worse can they do? (renee).

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Anonymous Liz said...

I pray Cain runs for president and gets the nomination. America needs more of this man.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where has this man been? Why haven't I heard of him?

I found him entertaining and he does bring up a great point: Get Involved!

People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do not get involved when blacks hurt other blacks. They only get involved if blacks are involved in a situation when whites are mixed in. Can you say "meal ticket"?

When he talked about the time he received a call from a guy who told him he was "shameless", I laughed at how he responded.

I read an article about a white guy who worked for the government and was criticized by his black colleagues and was called a racist for disagreeing with Obama and other black politician. He responded, "What have they done for you?" They were left speechless.

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Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

If Cain runs, he will have an uphill climb. This time around, there are some good truly conservatives thinking about running. That's good for the nation and us conservatives, it's kind of bad news for Herman though. It's one thing to be one or two truly conservatives in a field of moderate Republicans and neo conservatives, it's easier to stand out. The problem is that his message might get buried among other conservatives. We are less then a year before Iowa, and anything can happen. He might just make it to the top tier. He's definitely isn't a RINO, and that is a plus in his favor.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Black liberals puzzle me with their hypocrisy.

If a person of their peers is a conservative, he/she is a "sellout".

Ironically, these same people who did the name calling were ecstatic when Gen. Colin Powell once considered for the run of the presidency.

If Obama was a conservative, would they still vote for him, since he is well liked by most black voters?

Or do these black liberals only vote for the black candidate because they are black? That is biased!

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