Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ed Schultz, Wisconsin State Senate Democratic cowards and greedy public sector union piggies, keep digging your own graves.

Legislators in their respective states are elected to do the job of drafting and voting on legislation. In Wisconsin, the Democratic State Senators have decided they don't want to do their job by being present for the vote on the changing of teacher health care and pension benefits, so they decided to abandon their jobs and flee out the state of Wisconsin.

If you are thinking that the actions of the Wisconsin State Democratic Senators sound "cowardly", then you are not alone. A lot of people are coming to that conclusion. This type of action sad to say isn't anything new to Democratic lawmakers. Back in 2003, Texas Democrats fled the state and went to Oklahoma to stall the newly elected Republican majority's redistricting vote. I like Governor Walker, but he has to be firm with the Democrat Senators who left their jobs in his state. They have in essence abandoned their jobs. To be frank, they need to be fired! No employee could just say they weren't going to go to work simply, because they didn't feel like it, and they were going to show up when they felt like it and still expected to get paid while they were gone. If the Wisconsin Democratic Senators aren't fired, Governor Walker, should make sure they don't receive one dime in tax payer money due to them not fulfilling the job description of the position they ran for in their election. Speaking of getting paid for not contributing anything of value to their employer, a friend showed me a video of the obnoxious, ignorant, blowhard hog Ed Schultz of MSNBC attacking Rush Limbaugh over what Limbaugh said about the freeloaders piggies of Madison

codebase=",0,0,0">The slob has no ratings. I've said it before that people who subscribe to "group think" are easily manipulated. When Ed spewed on about how much Limbaugh made and the sheep in the crowd cheered, Ed never disclosed to the crowd how many millions he is making himself. Go figure why. One of the tactics of the left is to try and convince anyone stupid enough to buy into it that only conservatives or Republicans are the only ones who are "wealthy". Furthermore, people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh have earned their wealth in the private sector. Listeners don't pay them. The sponsors of their shows do. I understand full well why Schultz is attacking Limbaugh, he needs Limbaugh to help him get noticed. It won't work though. I came across a CBS News story that actually posted the truth for once. In the CBS News online story near the bottom, the writer wrote something that I've been saying for over three years now about public employee unions.

"A recent poll shows national support for public employee unions is declining. And private sector unions fear they could be next on the firing line".

This is why I said a few days ago that Governor Walker is on the right side of this issue and Democrats, Obama and the public employee unions are just continuing to dig their graves in the eyes of public opinion. I say give the fools more shovels, and tell them to dig faster and harder. How can the PEU make the case to the citizens of their states that the taxpayers need to pay for 100% of the PEU benefits both health and retirement? How can they do it with a straight face? People are becoming wiser realizing every time they turn around, their lawmakers are wanting to implement some sort of new tax. People are asking "where is the money going". People relate to the acronym in the word T.E.A as connected with the Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already. If the pollsters Gallup, Rasmussen and Zogby haven't done it yet, they need to do a national poll to find out how the nation feels about what is happening in Madison Wisconsin. They also need to poll how Americans feel about the Democrats fleeing into another state to avoid doing their job. I pretty much know what the sentiment of the majority of the nation is, but it will still be good to see it displayed.


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