Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin teachers have used four sick days in a row. I hope they get "better" soon so they can tend to the children they care so much about.

Gee, I hope they feel better. This is the height of flu session by the way. I haven't heard of any reports of a spike in doctor visits by Wisconsin teachers over the last few days. Maybe they are home getting much needed rest. I mean they would never abuse their sick days by using them for non medial related reasons thus depriving "the children" of their "quality" education, parish the thought of course. It would frankly be unimaginable that Wisconsin teachers would purposely deny the children they claim to care so much about from getting an education because of a teacher's "personal agenda". Maybe we can send them a huge get well card. Also, nothing helps like a few hundred bowls of hot chicken soup. Here's a sick Wisconsin teacher right now speaking from her bed at home. What an inspiration she is, I salute her.

Even the World Socialist Web Site have caught wind of the illness plaguing Wisconsin teachers.


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