Friday, June 10, 2011

Anti Governor Scott Walker goons hijack Special Olympics ceromony.

It's one thing for the Wisconsin Public Employee Unions and their supporters to protest against Governor Scott Walker, but these selfish. ego driven little disgusting piggies crossed the line, when they hijacked the Special Olympics Ceremony just so they could attack Governor Scott Walker.

These maggots have no core understanding for common decency. There is a time and place of everything, the budget battle was already fought, and they public union piggies lost. They should have licked their wounds and crawled back under the rocks from which they came. I guess that would have been too much like right for them to have done that. I thought they embarrassed themselves plenty a few months ago, but they managed to one up their previous displays of low class behavior. I would support the video of the anti Scott Walker goons hijacking the Special Olympics ceremony being shown on the nightly news, because Americans would be able to see that the public service unions really don't give a dam about them as they claim. Something just dawned on me . The teachers who called out sick in order to protest in Madison said that their actions were "for the children". Was the hijacking of the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony also "for the children"? I don't know what the theme of them appearing as zombies was, I guess they were just being their natural selves.


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