Friday, December 16, 2011

The hate from the compassionate left towards Tim Tebow just keeps on coming.

I so love it when progressives contradict themselves into exposing who they really are not. Contrary to who they claim to be, progressives aren't the compassionate, tolerant people they advertise themselves to be. All I can say is thank god for Tim Tebow. This one man simply by breathing is making progressives show how hate filled they truly are. Here's liberal talk show host Bill Press talking about Tim Tebow on his show. When listening to Bill, remember the narrative progressives like him always use. Conservatives are the ones who are full of hate.

I'm going to lay it out on why progressives hate Tim Tebow with such an insane passion. Tebow's Christian faith is half of it, but it goes much deeper then that. Isn't it kind of odd that it's the so called hate filled conservatives like myself who are defending Tim Tebow from the so called peace and love progressives like Bill Press?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm agnostic. I could care less what Tim Tebow is.

In my experience, when people like Christians, Mormons (who usually come to my door) and want to preach to me, I politely would tell them that I am not interested.

What bugs me are people who are persistent to try and "save my soul" from eternal damnation. Look, I do my best to live a decent life and to stay out of trouble. I'm not perfect and nobody else is.

If Tim Tebow wants to be a Christian or belong to any other faith of his choice, that's fine. But a friend of mine once told me, "do not preach unless asked". I guess that is why some progressives are offended by Tim Tebow's faith because they think he is preaching to them. I don't think he is preaching.

3:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the years the atheist, socialist, and communist along with Islam/Muslims have taken over our educational system. Christendom has caused its own demise by denying the teachings of Jesus aand the Bible. Due to the wars, slavery caused by them and not telling people the truth about the Bible, it has caused the atheist to win. Tim Tebow is free to pray if he so desires and the atheist are free not to pray.

When will those who desire to pray finally tell those who dont believe, that is their choice and leave them alone. Maybe one day the pastors will stop trying to become GOD, AND LET GOD BE GOD.

If one chooses not to believe, its okay.

The Bible says there will be a resurrection of the good and the bad, and there is no hellfire.
there is no saving your soul, as one has to save his own soul.

The non-believers should give the believers the same rights as the believers give them. As long as the believers refuse to stand up for themselves, he non-believers will stomp you down.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Robert Wayne said...

Tyrone is absolutely right. Every liberal media goon I've heard on radio or seen on TV hates Tim Tebow mainly because he's a Christian who praises God openly and isn't afraid of what these left wing haters spew. Personally, I'm not really a Denver Broncos fan. But it sure would be nice to see Tim lead Denver to a Super Bowl win. I'm sure the liberal left wing atheists will continue to shout out their hatred and ridicule for Tim and those of us who are Christians, but Tim's success will make them more frustrated than ever.

9:46 PM  

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