Thursday, January 12, 2012

McCain endorses Obama at Romney event.

I guess John McCain got so use to praising Obama when they both were running for president, old habits die hard. While campaigning in Charleston South Carolina last week for Mitt Romney, Mr. Straight Talk Express got derailed in giving his endorsement for the man running for president. Let's just say that it wasn't Romney.

No wonder I have to keep reminding myself to this day that the only reason I voted was to vote for Palin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear lately, that McCain has been kissing Obama's butt.

First, during his presidential campaign, he kept defending his opponent's integrity when his constituents were disagreeing with Obama and questioning his background.

Recently, during the holidays, he supported a law that Obama signed that would arrest and detain American citizens without provocation and no trial.

So, I guess old habits do die hard.

11:19 PM  

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