Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remember when progressives used the term "crony capitalism" back during the days of the Bush administration?

Ah, nothing like the good ol days. I remember when Bush selected Halliburton's services division KBR to provide services for the military in Iraq, all I ever heard by the left was that George Bush was giving no bid contract to Halliburton. The term "crony capitalism" popped up shortly after, and it became a main catch phrase used to death by the left in their attacks against Bush and Halliburton. What a difference a new administration makes. These days you would be hard pressed to find those vocal progressives who yelled at the top of their lungs just a few years ago about Bush stealing taxpayer money to give to his corporate friends and donors saying anything about what is going on right now under their noses. Under the Obama administration, progressives have lost their voice for some reason in being outraged at the outright theft that is taking place by Barack Obama and his administration from the American people. Some of you may have heard about the $500 million dollar government backed loan made by the Obama Department of Energy to the now bankrupt Solar Energy company Solyndra. The founder of Soyndra just happened to be a fund raiser for Obama. Anyways, Solyndra seems to be just the tip of the iceberg in Obama's Department of Energy wasting good money after bad in giving guaranteed loans to alternative energy companies that have ultimately failed or are on the verge of doing so. Oddly enough, I have to give a credit to CBS News for actually doing some legitimate investigative journalism. Here's hoping this is the start of a trend on their part.

I thought the role of the government was for them to be the "good stewards" of the tax payer's money. I would never lend money to a company I knew was on shaky financial ground. It makes me sick hearing Obama and progressives always cry about the 1% of tax payers supposedly not paying their "fair share" in taxes, even though they actually pay more. Tax payers in general regardless of income bracket should be outraged beyond sanity that their government is in essence pissing away their hard earned money like shooting dice at a craps table. So is this why upper income earners should pay more in taxes, so that it can be wasted like this?


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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

CB;"Remember when progressives used the term "crony capitalism" back during the days of the Bush administration?".

Actually, I can remember "crony capitalism" as far back as the 1970's, when I first started paying attention to political activities. And if you know anything about the political history, you'd know that "crony capitalism" was going on long before that.

Government has, and always will, in some fashion support private business and business ventures. In turn for that support, the politicians in charge and the business owners/leaders, become indebted to one another.

The Solyndra loan is no different. The only difference being sited by some pundits is solely due to partisan politics. "Right-wingers" now have there chance to retaliate for the attacks on G.W. Bush's "crony capitalism." The Bush/Cheney transference came in the form of a war. President Obamas transference comes in the form of promoting alternative energy. What those pundits won't tell you is that it was the Bush administration that deemed Solyndra eligible for $4 billion worth of loan guarantees from the U.S. Department of Energy. (see what happens when you only watch FAUX News...)

Who knows why the government chooses what area's and ventures to invest tax money into. It could be that investments such as Solyndra and others are merely fronts for increasing political donations, or the transference of wealth from the poor to the rich...who knows?

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How bout' those Ravens Tyrone! Super Bowl bound, ya think? AFC title game next week. Packers or Giants, my bets on the Ravens...

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p allen "How bout' those Ravens Tyrone! Super Bowl bound, ya think? AFC title game next week. Packers or Giants, my bets on the Ravens... "

I wish I was confident in next week's game to be honest allen. The offense was terrible today. The defense was great. They are going to have to stick with the running game to open up play action. If they can do it, they then will have a shot. I don't trust Flacco to be able to get into a shoot out with Tom Brady. I'm crossing my fingers though.

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