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Trayvon Martin's mother has become a liability to those who wise to exploit her son's death.

Progressives live to exploit any crisis or tragedy for political and ideological gain. It's just how they operate. It's not a secret to those who know them better then they know themselves. Cindy Sheehan for a minute was the poster woman of the anti Iraq War and anti Bush movement. The left exploited her son's (Casey) death  She was on the political talk shows, progressive speaking engagements etc. The media for awhile at least couldn't get enough of Cindy Sheehan. They covered her and her band of anti war activists when they camped out in Crawford Texas at "Camp Cindy" which was a few miles away from George Bush's ranch. Everything was going good for Cindy until she went rogue. When she was attacking Bush and Cheney and the Iraq war hawks, the left cheered her on and supported her, but when she started attacking Nancy Pelosi, then the bandwagon came to a stretching halt. Cindy realized that the Democratic establishment was playing her and the anti war left for chumps, when Democrats promised to impeach Bush for war crimes if they gained control of congress in the 2006 midterms but didn't. Cindy Sheehan and Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton share something in common. They both lost their sons, and progressives had no problem exploiting the deaths of their sons for their own means. Sybrina Fulton really hasn't been mentioned much over the last few weeks during the media nationalized story of Trayvon Martins shooting by George Zimmerman. I bet most people who claim to be the most die hard supporters of wanting justice for Trayvon don't even know the name of Trayvon's mother. The race pimps have latched on this tragic event like ticks attached to a dog. The political left has been pimping Trayvon's death in order to push for tighter gun control laws and to attack stand your ground laws. They are also using Trayvon's death as a weapon in attacking Voter ID laws as well as attacking the policy of racial profiling. The race hustlers have painted George Zimmerman as a white racist. That has been their foundation from the start in which for them to remain relevant throughout this whole ordeal, HOWEVER Sybrina Fulton may have unknowingly cracked the foundation of the racial parasites banner and by her doing so made her the liability to their agenda which isn't about Trayvon Martin. Originally, Ms Fulton claimed that her son's shooting was deliberate by George Zimmerman. As long as she believed that, it was music to the ears of the race hustlers and agitators, but now she has come out and is saying that she believed the shooting was accidental, but she still wants justice served, that however  is NOT music to the ears of the racial exploiters, I'm not the only one who believe that's the case.

Can you imagine anyone who claims to support wanting justice for Trayvon Martin ever saying to Trayvon's mother "it's time for you to step to the side"? Those were the comments from Dr. Boyce Watkins. Just like with Sheehan, when Trayvon mother "didn't follow the script" on the Today Show, parasites like Watkins are now attacking the host that he was once feeding off of. Who in the hell is Boyce Watkins to tell the mother of Trayvon Martin that she needs to step to the side? If I recall, Trayvon Martin was her son not the son of Boyce Watkins. Going back to what I said from the very beginning of this saga. Trayvon Martin's shooting has become nothing more then a racial prop for progressives to exploit. I have an idea for people like Dr Boyce Watkins, how about he and others like him "step to the side" and show some decency. A person's death should never be used as a political football.


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One other thing, I read something about people fighting over dead loved ones written by a funeral director. She wrote about a man and a woman fighting over who would pay for their son's funeral. She said, while you are fighting your ex spouse or whomever, your loved one is not quite dead to you. Once you have resolved conflicts you have to accept that your loved one is gone. read this during Sheehan's fight to have Casey's death front and center. I believe it is true. Trayvon Martin's parents, and especially his mom, whom he lived with and no doubt loved him the most, are not ready to give him up as dead and fighting for their son keeps him alive right now. To stop fighting would be to admit Trayvon is gone and they are not ready to do that. I also think that Cindy Sheehan drove Casey into the military with her pacifism and single motherhood. Casey was hungry for the company of masculine men and he wanted to play with guns, which I am sure Cindy wouldn't let him do.

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Wow Tyrone, what a stretch you've taken by comparing Cindy Sheehan with Sybrina Fulton. First off, Sheehans son volunteered for duty. Secondly, he knew who the enemy was. Lastly, Sheenhans son had a weapon, training an a army to back him up.

Next, Sheenhan had a political agenda. Her beef wasn't with an individual who killed her son. Her protest was aimed at a political policy. Her angst was directed toward the policy of the United States of America.

I think Sheehan would better be compared to Orly Taitz. Both have this wild notion of attacking the President of the United States based on crazed personal notions. Both view themselves as defenders of their own warped set of idea's and values.

Thus, Sheehan is as much a symbol of the left, as Taitz is a symbol of the right. All I've seen thus far from Sybrina Fulton is an effort to get justice for her son. All the political angles and comparisons have mostly came from right wingers like you....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Trayvon Martin's mother went on on national TV and did say that the shooting was an accident. Later she recanting her story. She said that she misspoke

What she meant to say was that Trayvon was shot because he was in the wrong neighborhood "by accident".

So, why would Ms. Martin repeat the same story on the national stage and later change her story?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She changed her story because it wasn't in the best interests of those who control and manipulate what his death was really about.

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