Monday, May 28, 2012


An amateur photographer, captured this image at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota of an American Bald Eagle perched on the tombstone of   Sgt. Maurice Ruch.

 Freedom is something we tend to take for granted until it is taken from us. Those who have worn the uniform and have laid down their lives for our country are indeed heroes. They never get the recognition and fame as say a strung out  pop  musician  does. We have  a bad habit of idolizing the worst society has to offer will either demonizing or neglecting all together the best. Our military is one of the best things about our country and should never be taken for granted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is some picture. Believe it or not I live about 5 miles from Fort Snelling cemetery. You really can see Bald Eagles in the air fairly often. I have been inside that cemetery. Next time I go I will offer some prayers for all of us.

A Reader.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To A Reader-
If you get a lot of bald eagles at Ft. Snelling cemetery, and see one perching on a gravestone, get more pictures and post them out there.
God Bless Our Fallen, and God Bless America.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Rescues said...

Fantastic photograph and somewhat agree with your post but again...who is it that leads the way with the mindset of society? President Obama called Michael Vick when he got out of prison and congratulated him, but never even thought about the group that took all the dogs he had damaged. Mostly volunteers that worked with, cared for, found homes for all those animals. Yet who got the recognition and all the money that followed? Yeah, they are just dogs, not dead soldiers but sorry...caring is caring is caring and people just don't care, mostly the people who are supposed to be the leaders of this "great" country.
It is our own Govt, Courts, Politicians that is destroying our country and people have been allowing it for years. Even I knew, at 10years old, that it was wrong to just leave someone to die and then try and hide it. Apparently an entire state did not. Or maybe it was just that money and power mattered more than a young girls life.
You are correct...until the people of this country stand up and start caring BEFORE there is a field full of gravestones, it will simply continue on, business as usual. Until people stand up and quit allowing those who are being paid to take care of this country abuse it for profit and hold them ALL will simply continue on, business as usual.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Rescues said...

To A Reader-

Thank you for the prayers. Though I'm not a religious person, there is no doubt something is needed.
My personal opinion is that people need to start standing up against the abuses in our own Country instead of sending young men and women to die so that others can have the "freedom" we do. "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing". I see a lot of good men and women in Politics/Govt/Courts...but when they turn a blind eye and "do nothing"...are they still then "good men"?

11:44 AM  

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