Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NAACP Chief Benjamin Jealous:Unemployment Worse for blacks under Obama

I've always questioned why many black voters give their political capital to one political party( Democratic), just so that they can be be taken for granted over and over again. Malcolm X said back in the 60's that when blacks give all their votes to one party over and over again, and they have nothing to show for it, they are being played for chumps. I disagree with Malcolm X on many issues and points of view, but that is one statement that is correct and I am in full agreement with.. Once upon a time, the Democratic Party use to make promises to blacks, even though they've never really followed through with those promises. They at least promised them something. These days and actually for the last 30 years, the Democratic Party has been more about telling blacks and other minority groups that those groups need to support the Democratic party no so much for what they will get in exchange for their votes aka political capital, but they need to vote for them, because the big bad boogie daddy racist GOP folks will get them. Well, I have to give credit where credit is due. Their strategy have worked like a charm. The question though is how long can they continue with this strategy working? Believe it or not, but there are some blacks who are starting to ask questions. Some are starting to realize that they have been played for chumps by their supposed protectors. Many blacks thought that a black utopia was going to be created once Barack Obama was elected. That has been far from the case. In fact, many issues are now worse for blacks under Obama then they were under George W Bush. Benjamin Jealous who is the president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Progressives aka NAACP was a guest on MSNBC's Meet the Press with David Gregory hosting. Benjamin is a staunch supporter of Obama and all Democrats and is a fierce critic of any Republican who doesn't think like a Democrat. Well, Mr. Jealous said

" White people in this country are doing a bit better. Black folks are doing a full point worse" under Obama

Actually they are doing far worse then a full point. It's pathetic that Mr  Jealous who is suppose to be a black civil rights leader is clearly unable to understand what the real "big issues are", because they do not include "gay marriage" and "amnesty". These issues do not lead to the decrease in poverty among blacks, more blacks graduating from high school and going on to college. Gay Marriage and amnesty do not help blacks to learn about entrepreneurship so they can create small businesses and create generational wealth and a vibrant middle class for blacks. I've been saying this also for the longest time. The progressive agenda does not help to advance the upward mobility of blacks in America. The last three words in the acronym NAACP is ACP which is suppose to stand of for the "advancement of colored people, obviously that isn't happening.

The issues I've mentioned is what Mr Jealous should be talking about but is not and never will. I wish I could have debated  Mr Jealous and stated exactly what I just said. The problems in the black community with crime and drugs and poverty are directly linked to economics issues not social issues like Mr Jealous and other progressives are spewing. If the black unemployment rate was what is is now but under a Republican President, I don't need to say what would be the response by Mr. Jealous and others in the civil rights industry. The ironic element to this story is that when Mitt Romney went into the lion's den and spoke at the NAACP convention last year, he stated exactly then what now Mr. Jealous is saying. "the tough economy has hit African-Americans particularly hard"

Monday, January 21, 2013

Today marks the final countdown to the end of Barack Hussein Obama.

Today was the National Democratic Media's political version of Woodstock minus the bands, mud and drugs. This event was the 2nd inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. I've come across some clips of activist progressives posing as journalists simply gushing with pride and admiration over Obama's second term. No surprise, Chris Mathews said that Obama's inaugural address was akin to that of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Of course only an absolute fool would say such a thing, but this is Chris Matthews, so it is what it is.

I can't say for certain why Obama and his loyal legion of intellectually zombies keep trying to compare him to that of President Abraham Lincoln. I mean there is no comparison at all. Lincoln is historic and remembered for ending the era of slavery in this country and reuniting the union. Those are actual deeds. Obama had done nothing to warrant praise on an historic basis. So his cult can continue to try and make Obama out to be more important historically then he is, but he's not. The only historic aspect to Obama is that he's black, that's it. As the true believers were either standing out in the cold in Washington D.C to listen to their hero or watching him on television,myself on the other hand had more important things to focus on. My Ravens won the AFC Championship yesterday, and I was partying into the early hours of the morning. Besides, the 2nd inauguration for Obama was really about a celebration for his progressive base and not the rest of the country anyways which represents about half the country. Obama mainly talked about his progressive 2nd term agenda mainly the oxymoron known as gay marriage, gun control and the the lie known as global warming.  I wonder how Obama is going to unite the country, when he won't even let a rapper perform at his inauguration weekend concert. Oh, you didn't hear about this from the media did you?Grammy-nominated rapper Lupe Fiasco who doesn't agree with Obama on some issues made a rap routine about his politics, and the good fascists which are Obama's foot soldiers abruptly killed his mic and turned off the lights on him in the middle of his routine! The crowd didn't mind that Lupe called Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck racists, but when he dissed Obama, the music stopped, literally. So much for free speech.

People on the right have pegged Obama perfectly as being a fraud from the very beginning. Progressives are hypocrites by nature, because they lack core convictions. Obama has slammed publicly the oil industry or as liberals call it "big oil".  I bet they have no idea that Exxon/ Mobil will give two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to help flip the bill for Obama's inauguration, oh my. It gets better, this is the first year Obama accepted "CORPORATE" donations for his inauguration. I thought the progressive tag line was that corporations were the oppressors of the workers who steal their labor in exchange for meager wages?
 The one good thing about Dear Leader's 2nd term is that it will officially be his last term. So the final countdown begins today. The country more then likely will be bankrupt, the economy will have gone off a cliff before 2016, but at least Barack Hussein Obama will be gone.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

If you think our political climate is hostile, try living in Bulgaria

I'm sure you've all heard politicians both Democratic and Republican use the term that "the other side is holding a "gun to the American people's head".Of course these people are simply being melodramatic in their political rhetoric, but it's still not necessary  In Bulgaria, that term took on a scary  new meaning today. A gunman attempted to assassinate the leader of Bulgaria's Turkish ethnic party during a televised conference.  It was captured on live television. The only thing that saved  the  Bulgaria’s Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) party member Ahmed Dogan was that the gunman's gun jammed as he held it pointed to Mr. Dogan's head. When it's not your time to go, it's not your time to go. Police arrested the suspect but not before members of the MRF were able to kick the living snot out of the suspect. I will go out on a limb and wager that the suspect has no chance in hell of pleading not guilty of attempted murder.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

One of the village idiots at MSNBC Toure speaks out about Gun Control

MSNBC is somewhat of a spawn between the liberal activist channel Current TV and CNN. If anything, it's the unofficial butt kissing, idol worshiping channel for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. It angers me that I actually have to pay for this crap every month on my Directv bill. This is one reason why I support La Carte programming, being able to chose the channels you want to pay for. Anyways, one of Obama knee cap lickers and all around delusional half wit Toure was doing a segment about how Obama needs to enact gun control. He gave a bunch of completely bogus statistics about how states with strict gun control laws have fewer gun violence. This isn't comedy central, but it's sure a close second.

Interesting that he would have my state of Maryland on the list. Baltimore had 217 murders last year, and is one of the most violent cities per capita in the nation. Illinois has some very strict gun control laws itself, yet over 500 people were murdered in Chicago last year. Toure calls for the White House to ban all assault weapons, yet the overwhelming majority of gun related crimes are committed by criminals using "handguns" not "assault" weapons. I remember way back when, when gun control supporters were rallying to ban automatic weapons, ( a firearm that reloads itself and keeps firing until the trigger is released).. Funny how many people have forgotten that. Now they want to ban certain "semi" automatic riffles, simply because they can hold high capacity clips. When was the last time anyone has ever heard of a story in which a gang banger used a sub machine gun or Tec-9 to kill a person?

Toure said
"We want to envision ourselves as a nation of vigilantes protecting ourselves with our guns, but that’s not what’s happening, Touré said. “We’re an over-armed nation helping gun makers get richer by believing blatant lies that the government is plotting to take away our guns, and believing the myth that we’re protecting and not endangering ourselves.

Toure like  many progressives see things through a collective mindset. He and others like him foolishly believe that if a lawful citizens owns a certain type of gun, it is somehow endangering the community at large which represents "ourselves". Toure is wrong as usual. The government is indeed plotting to take away certain guns from lawful gun owners. He's the one who is deceiving people. Let's say that Obama  decides to make the AR-15 riffle  illegal to own through signed legislation or through executive order.  Why is it out of the possibility that the federal government won't look up all the gun sales of all AR-15 riffles and track down the owners in order to confiscate the guns? It's chilling just thinking that the government can have the power to tell citizens (what it deems acceptable) for people to own or not to own. The fact of the mater is that Obama is not god. Toure and his cult base may think he is, but he's not. Obama can't make laws, only congress can create legislation. The Executive Branch is in charge of enforcing laws. Someone needs to break the sad news to Toure, but Obama can't save anyone from themselves.I've noticed that the media and gun control progressives are implementing a new strategy. In the beginning they exclusively used the term "gun control", but now the left is exclusively using the the term "gun violence" instead.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Obamacare is going to make millions of Americans financially sick in 2013 and beyond.

Many people who voted for Dear Leader were shocked last week, when they discovered that their paychecks decreased with the stroke of Obama's pen on the fiscal cliff deal. If they were stunned by that, they haven't seen anything yet, and what's to come will economically impact them far worse then just a two percent decrease in their paychecks. I mentioned back in November about how some companies mainly in the service industry are going to cut their full time employees down to part time status in order to afford to stay profitable under Obamacare. I truly do not believe that most people understand what is happening or soon will happen When millions of full time workers who work 40 hours  a week are notified by their companies that they will only be working 28 hours a week as part timers, they'll get the message. All I can say is that elections do have consequences. Hope & Change hasn't turned out the way many of the true believers expected it would. For example, A Taco Bell in Guthrie, Oklahoma has cut “its full-time employees’ hours to part time to avoid mandates under the new health care law  Liberals always talk about how they are so compassionate for the poor and middle class. If this is an example of their good deeds helping the working class, I would hate to see what legislation drafted by liberals to hurt the middle class and poor would look like.
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This is a growing trend. A Wendy's franchise in Nebraska has also cut the hours of it's full time employees in it's restaurants down to 28 hours, and I know this will be the new normal across.

 The Darden Restaurant company which owns Red Lobster, Oliver Garden and Long Horn Steak House was the first to cut hours in it's Red Lobster division preparing for Obamacare last year.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stories from the other side of the gun debate that the national media and gun control advocates do not won't known.

The national media has been in overdrive doing it's best to aid their progressive ally politicians and advocates in their demonetization of guns, people who support their constitutional right to own them and legal gun owners in general. Oddly enough, the media has been silent in reporting stories in which a firearm has been used to save a person or people lives. I came across this story by accident, but it was compelling though, and it proves what I and rational minded people have been saying all along. Guns in the hands a law obeying citizens are used for self defense not to commit crimes. Last year on Christmas Day, Sarah McKinley buried her husband who died of Cancer which left her having to raise their 3 month old son. Thursday, one of the suspects Justin Martin came around to Sarah McKinley's house to case it by pretending to offer his condolences to her over the passing of her husband. On Saturday New Years Eve, 24-year-old Justin Martin along with is partner came back to the McKinley's house armed with a hunting knife in an attempt to rob it. They tried to break down the door. Sarah blocked it with her couch. she then grabbed a 12 gauge shotgun and a handgun then called 911.

To two criminals, what could be more of an easier target then a perceived defenseless woman with her infant child right? In this case as in countless other cases, the inanimate objects aka firearms which liberals hate for some reason, saved this mother and her child's life. Again, stories like this won't make the national news or be talked about by politicians, because it would justify why guns are owned by law obeying citizens. The news story could have been much worse then reporting that this woman shot an intruder carrying a hunter's knife. If she was unarmed, the story could have easily have been that

"a mother and infant were found dead from being stabbed in a home invasion robbery"


"mother was sexual assaulted and then killed" etc.

 The 911 operator told the woman that she had to protect her child. If she didn't have a gun, how would she have been able to protect her child against two men with one carrying a hunter knife? That is the question I want fascist gun grabbers to answer. If this self defense shooting would have happened in a progressives anti gun state, Sarah McKinley might have actually been charged with possession of a firearm and possible murder. This is why liberal logic makes no sense.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The reward to all of Obama's loyal working class voters is "You got at Tax Increase"!

Friday was the day that the working class folks across the nation swearer loud and often after they witnessed with horror that their paychecks went on a diet and lost a little weight. Progressives are so ignorant and blind. You really would have to feel sorry for them if they weren't so much a threat to this country. These mind numbed robots  who honestly believed that the Democratic Party was looking out for them and were only going to tax those evil rich cats probably at this moment still haven't figured out that they were played for chumps and suckers. Obama and the Democrats hyped up the imaginary tax cut people received via reducing the Social Security Payroll tax. This is Obama giving his victory lap speech back in 2011, when he signed the extension for the payroll tax cut.

Obama said "it was critical that congress not go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million people". Obama said during an interview in a factory with one of his loyal  media flunkies Chuck Todd ,"'You Don't Raise Taxes' in a Bad Economy". That was in 2011.

Interesting he would say that, because the economy still isn't doing well, and it's now 2013, yet as apart of the Fiscal Cliff deal that passed in the Senate, received the majority of Democratic support in the House and signed by Obama, that payroll tax cut  went "poof"! Happy New Year! The Fiscal Cliff Deal raised taxes on 77 Percent Of Americans. So when did the" non" millionaires and billionaires become the millionaires and billionaires?

The irony is that Obama and the left have been demonizing the evil rich at every turn while claiming they are the protectors of the middle class, yet under the fiscal cliff deal, people who make just thirty thousand dollars a year will feel the financial brunt far more then anyone who makes a half a million dollars a year. So much for Barry and the gang looking out for the 99 percent.  I don't think people who make only $30k a year are the millionaires and billionaires the left talks about. To those who bought into Obama's and the left class warfare rhetoric, all that can be said is that "elections have consequences", pay the Big O.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

2013 is still 1984

Something to think about.

The voting different part won't work. You see, critical thinking in order for the masses to come to the logical conclusions is forbidden by totalitarians. Remember the golden rule.

For the sake of the Party, THINK LESS!!