Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fake Reverend & NAACP leader calls Senator Tim Scott a "Ventriloquist's dummy".

I've said a long time ago that a black person in America isn't really free.  Once upon a time in America, a black person was considered property due to the color of his or her skin. Fast forward 150 years later, and nothing has changed. A black person is still considered property due to the color of his or her skin, but this form of property rights is political not psychical.  I've been called every demeaning  name in the book by the self professed champions of diversity and tolerance (Democrat liberals), and they did it and still do it just because I have an opposing point of view then theirs as a black male. Tim Scott is serving out in the U.S Senate the remainder of Jim DeMint's term due to him stepping down in late 2012 to head up the Heritage foundation. Tim Scott is a favorite among conservatives and the Tea Party, that alone makes him "race traitor" number one in the eyes of the tolerant progressive left. Case in point, the local NAACP North Carolina President William Barber II who is also a fake Reverend recently referred to Senator Tim  Scott as a "Ventriloquist's Dummy. The old saying goes that a pot shouldn't call the kettle black. Mr. William Barber like many others in the NAACP has their tongues so far up the ass of the Democrat Party, their tongues all have mule shit on them. I bet I could ask Mr Barber to name five things he has a problem with in regards to the GOP, and he would be able to name them non stop. I probably wouldn't be able to shut him up. Now, If I was to ask Mr. Barber to name five things that he doesn't like about the Democratic Party, he wouldn't be able to name one thing. You see, that is the Ventriloquist dummy, Mr William Barber II. People who know me know that I have issues with both the Republican and Democratic Parties. I've attacked the GOP country club establishment just as I've attacked the socialist Democrats. Senator Tim Scott isn't a rank and file Republican. He's a conservative. The same way the GOP establishment didn't care much for Jim DeMint when he held that Senate seat, they don't care for Scott either. I wish I could ask if Mr. Barber has he ever called  or referred to any other of the 99 seating U.S Senators a "Ventriloquist Dummies" or did he just single out Senator Scott and if so why? (We all know the reason why). Niger Innis who heads up C.O.R.E, the Congress On Race Equality took on Mr Barber on Don Lemon's CNN show a few days ago. He did a good job in exposing just how much of a pitiful  Democratic flunky William Barber is.

 In the segment, I couldn't help not to notice and get a good laugh when Mr. Barber said that his attacks on Senator Scott isn't because Tim Scott is a conservative. Don should have given him three Pinocchio awards. Don or Niger should have asked him, how many other conservatives has he referred to as ventriloquist dummies? He would have been stuttering all over the place, because he would have known he was exposed. He has never called out any conservative as one, and he did so to Tim Scott strctly because Tim Scott is CONSERVATIVE and is BLACK. Mr Barber labeled Senator Scott an extremist, but his explanations were absurd. Health care isn't a civil right issue. That's is as mental and absurd as liberals claiming that abortion is about "reproductive health care". Don & Niger brought up a good point. Liberals can not stand it when blacks do not support what they support. They feel "those" blacks are merely being told what the think, and they repeat it. It never dawned on them that diversity is more then people of different races and religions, diversity is also about different people of different races having different ideological views and moral beliefs. Mr. Barber is from  North Carolina. He's the president of the North Carolina NAACP, so why is he so fixated on what the Senator Tim Scott does who is from South Carolina? Again, William Barber is a sheer flunky. The last part of this segment was the most telling of all. When Niger and Don asked Mr Barber has he criticized the Obama administration for the high black unemployment, eroding of the black middle class etc, Mr Barber quickly taped danced around that question and went back on the attack of Senator Scott. Former Congressman Allen West and Author Star Parker were on Hannity last night discussing the attack on Senator Tim Scott. The NAACP is nothing more then the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Progressives.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Will a GOP win in November mean the return of "Jim Crow"?

It's 2014, and the midterm elections are upon us. While people are pondering what the election  results will bring such as either higher or lower taxes, spending etc, the ever insane lunatic Chris Matthews of MSNBC has a very different perspective on what a GOP victory would mean. Since this was Chris Matthews, what he said had to be something incredibly stupid and of course, it had to do with playing the race card. If Republicans retain the house and win control of the senate, will that mean a return of "Jim Crow"? Now you may be asking who would say something so incredible insane and stupid. I'll let you all figure it out.

Since Obama's popularity has plummeted, is the new tactic by the left to try and gin up support for Democratic candidates by playing the race card  of fear if the GOP dominates in November? I would like to think that there are blacks who are smart enough besides myself and others who will see through what people like Matthews is doing, but sadly, there are people who are way beyond gullible and stupid, and they bite the same baited hook over and over again that people like Chris Matthews cast out.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words in showing how intolerant some progressives truly are.

2014 will be a year with no shortages of  mocking pseudo intellectual progressives continuing to make absurd, vile and just flat out insane comments, in other words, making asses out of themselves. Some days, I wish I didn't have to pay for MSNBC as part of my Directv package lineup, but who am I kidding? The kooks on MSNBC do more in helping me demonstrate how derange the left is then by me saying anything  One of my new favorites clowns on MSNBC is Melissa Harris Perry. She's been on a roll as of late in the derangement department. I thought nobody there could fill the shoes of the now departed and disgraced Martin Bashir, but she's following in his footstep nicely. Speaking of Melissa, she hosted a year in review segment on her show. As in typical MSNBC fashion, her panel consisted of fellow liberals all of the comedians, no they were actual comedians. They were talking about the events of 2013, and they happened to come across a family photo of Mitt Romney his family and his adopted black grandson. Well, you all probably figured out what happened, when the color blind progressives saw Mitt's Grandchild.

Obama said that back in 2007 that the kids of politicians should be left out of political battles. For once he didn't tell a lie. I agree. I have attacked Barack and Moochelle a lot over the past five years, but I have never wrote a story in attacking his kids Sasha and Melia. Of course, liberals never listen to their own words. All anyone has to do is go back in time and remember the attacks by the left on Sarah and Todd Palin's children from the oldest Bristol all the way down the to infant Trigg. Also, we can't forget the attacks by the left on Bush's twin daughters Jenna & Barbara,calling them whores and drunks etc. So again, hypocrisy and liberalism just goes hand and hand. What else is new? Getting back to the Romney family photo. I think it's great that the Romney's opened their hearts to a black child who needed love. I have no problem with interracial adoptions. Black Social Workers tend to though for some reason, that's another story for a different day though. Of course it was in ultra low class for Melissa's panel including herself to use the Kieran Romney as a weapon in which to attack the Romney's. The election has been over for over a year, Obama won, yet they clearly haven't learned to just move on.  They were all were laughing while doing that segment, but they weren't laughing after it aired. People were not amused at the "comedy" of Melissa Perry nor her panel, people were outraged espeically by families who adopt children of different races. It was clearly no laughing matter. The blow back against Melissa was fierce. She took to twitter the day after and issued what many believed to be a half hearted apology by using hash tags in her twitter, which just made matters much worse. 

Well it looks like the backlash of public scorn has finally gotten to Melissa. She issued another apology yesterday but this time it was on air. This was clearly not the same Melissa Harris Perry who just a few days ago was having just a grand ole time laughing and mocking the Romney family with their black infant grandchild as the focal point.

I know how fake liberals are, so it's hard to take her as being truly remorseful.  What do you think? Is Melissa truly sorry or did she give an academy award winning performance?