Sunday, December 27, 2015

Officer William Porter's trial ends in a mistrial.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas. I must say that having some time to rest was a gift in itself. I finally have a chance to update the status of the William Porter trial, but it's no big secret that the trial ended in a mistrial. The good news is that Baltimore hasn't burned down yet anyways. A new trial for Officer William Porter will be on June 13th. The jury wasn't able to unanimous convict Officer Porter on any of the charges. I said a few months ago along with many other legal experts that the prosecution was going to have a tough time reaching a conviction due to the lack of evidence of malicious intend of the officers being charged. So for right now anyways, Baltimore State Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has egg on her face, because the prosecution was hoping that Officer Porter was going to be convicted on at least one of the charges which were manslaughter,second degree assault and reckless endangerment so that they could strike a plea deal with him in order for him to testify against his fellow officers. Well that plan has blown up in prosecution's face with the mistrial.  The state has no leverage over Officer Porter. The next trial will be for  Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. who was driving the van, his trial is set for January 6th.  So with no leverage over  porter, it will be interesting to see what bag of tricks if any that the prosecution has which I doubt is any.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Race Obsessed Melissa Harris Perry has a problem with the Star Wars character Darth Vader

There hasn't been many stories over the past few weeks that has peaked my interest to comment on. The 2016 race really start until after the Iowa Caucus. Most of the news cycle has been about Donald Trump, so that's nothing new. Here in Baltimore ,the trial of the first Baltimore Police officer William Porter who is on trial in the  to the death of the West Baltimore heroin dealer Freddy Gray has gone to the jury and a verdict can come any day now. So while I was contempt on just focusing on that story, something else just happened to pop up on my radar. Friday is the day many Star Wars fans have been waiting for with the release of the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise entitled "The Force Awakens". I'm not a Star Wars fans, but I have no problem with it either. It's an American cinema icon franchise.  People love the movies as a tale between the forces of good and evil, the force vs the dark side. So with that said , only a racially obsessed liberal could possibly see Star Wars through the lens of all things "race". One of those racially obsessed kooks is Melissa Perry Harris of the one and only MSNBC.

So the Tampon earring wearing race obsessed kook believes that the iconic villain Darth Vader somehow plays into a "black stereotype" or a clueless perception of Darth Vader being "black". I guess. I've never been good at figuring out liberal logic, because it is so absurd and not grounded in analytical logic. Only a person tries to equate every possible thing using race could possible see Darth Vader in that light. Thankfully Ms Harris is in the ultra small fringe minority group in that department. When it comes to the force of stupidity, the force is definitely strong with Ms Perry.