Monday, February 29, 2016

Will they ever learn?

The definition of the word "gullible" is "easily persuaded to believe something credulous". Credulous means "having or showing too great a readiness to believe things". People always ask me how is that I am able to see through the Democratic Party's BS so clearly yet most blacks aren't. I  always tell them that "indoctrinated people make for poor analytical thinkers": It's really that simple. Hillary Clinton while stomping in South Carolina told a largely black audience that the GOP is going to try and stop them from voting. Of course this line isn't anything new for Democratic politicians. It's rather old actually, very old. Blacks tend to fall for it every  election cycle with no end in sight going on 50 years, so I guess there is no need for Democrats to change their line. It's sad that the only topic that Hillary or Democrats in general can talk to blacks about is "voter ID laws". It's never about policies. Nah, why would they dare want to fix the problems when they can have a loyal voter base by just blaming the GOP. It's much more beneficial to democrats to keep the problems out there and blame the GOP as the source of their problems without having to present any evidence to validate their claims. Blacks in South Carolina voted for Hillary over Bernie 86% to 14% The rationality for that lopsided percentage  victory for Hillary among blacks makes zero sense to me. I could have sworn that back in 2008, when Hillary was battling Obama in  South Carolina, blacks and the Obama campaign accused Hillary and Bill of "racism".

Father Phelger who is a guest speaker at Obama's "former "cult/church mocked Hillary during the 2008 campaign.

So I am asking this question. How is it possible that blacks demonized the Clinton's as racists in 2008 yet blacks in South Carolina overwhelmingly supported the supposed racist in 2016? I guess when blacks classify someone as a racist, their claim shouldn't be taken seriously, because they obviously don't mean it. All Hillary has to do is whip out her southern accent and blacks will be eating out of the palm of her hand as long as she has a "D" by her name.