Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Right Byte Episode 3

I've been falling behind creating these weekly episodes, so I apologize for that. The theme of my latest episode is "beer, hypocrisy and race".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the country gets into the toilet, people tend to blame the current or previous President of the United States.

I remember years ago, my brother, got fed with Bush Sr's, and decided to elect Clinton. Then he felt that Clinton was not doing his job and curses at him whenever he shows his face on tv.

I had to remind him that he voted for Clinton in the first place (which he denies at first, then I had to ask to why he was bashing Bush Sr. in the first place).

Do our leaders suck? Sometimes. But who sucks more: the constituents, the people who elected them into office.

Most of the people who voted for Obama as a person, not as a politician. Tyrone, you should that example months ago from a clipping on the Howard Stern show where he had a correspondent interview black voters who and why they're going to vote for Obama; most of the questions were mixed in from John McCain's policies as Obama's.

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