Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which Obama do you believe on the issue of Universal Healthcare?

Obama's loyalists in the media and in general are trying to convince Americans that some how the opponents to government health care are some how "lying" or making things up. I guess I'll have to do once again what the media would never do, that is expose Barack Obama for the "LIAR" that he is! Obama is going around telling anyone who'll listen that he supports the "public option" and not a take over by the government of the health care system. Can someone tell me how many times he mentions the two words "public option" in this video. The media could easily play this clip.The Republican National Committee should create a bunch of ads using this clip to blow Obama and UHC crowd right out of the water. To those who don't believe me that the media is basis in favor Obama, why can't the national media with all it's resources not play a one minute clip that I can easily do? I have no problem doing it. Obama contradicting himself in not wanting universal health care is more then newsworthy. This is why our media can't be trusted and has lost all credibility. At the 34 second mark in the video. What did Obama mean when he said "Everybody in and nobody out"?


Anonymous Chilerkle said...

Man, I wish we could throw Obama out prematurely this man is making me sick. The only people I find more sickening than Obama himself are his loyal worshippers!

The thin skinned hustler-in-chief. Even Bush didn't try to silence his opponents if anything he carried on despite their spirited demonstrations.

I do believe Bush is a moderate however compared to Obama he's a fiscal conservative. George W. Bush put the country first despite the adverse affect it may have on his popularity which was under constant scrutiny by the media. The same media that would let Barrack Hussein Obama get away with murder.

The fact that we have a dishonest media that puts their leftist agenda before the interests of our nation makes me suspect that if they knew Obama was a foreigner they would keep it under wraps along with the Democrat Party.

I do not trust the Democrat Party and I do not Trust Barrack Hussein Obama either.

Obama can't even give us a straight answer on the issue of when life begins. Obama's unsavory association with bigots and haters of America is enough to make me mad at every fool who helped get him elected!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next step from socialism is communism, then death.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

more truth, less make believe reality for the psychotic left-wing idiots.

6:18 PM  

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