Saturday, August 08, 2009

If dealling with the national debt was only this easy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Plans to destroy American Democracy. The Dem. Socialism from Hitler along with Mein Kemph or My Struggle or My JIhad in Arabic. Muslims caused Hitler to kill 6 million Jews after the USA refused to accept them into America during Rossevelt's days as president. Hitler hated christians so he killed 19 million Germans and 5 thousand catholic priest at the pleasure of Islam who helped him do it. Bosnian Muslims were the peaceful Muslims. Hitler respected Muslims because of the love for Jihad.

Obama said there are no jihadist, when all Muslims are jihadist or should be if they want paradise. Black Muslims dont go to paradise because allah said so. Obama cannot rewrite allah's words. Muslims are laughing all the way to their mosque. People who laughed at the 3000 dead people at the 9-11 date are called Muslims and they had a meeting at the Hitler in Oak Lawn, Ill where they said they would take over America or die trying and then kill all non-Muslims, esp. Black Muslims. Africans slaves who escaped to the West are telling about the real Islam and the hatred they have for Black people. All we have to do is listen. Afterall, Muslims sold black to Europeans.

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