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Blacks still say race relations under Obama hasn't gotten better.

I was so shocked reading the headline from this CNN poll on how blacks perceive race relations in the Obama era, I could hardly stop yawning out of boredom. I know CNN is a journalistic joke that tries to pass itself off as a legitimate news organization, but I can't believe they had to conduct a poll to figure out what many people in this country already knew. When Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, I said most blacks would still harbor resentment for America even if Obama won the presidency. Even though CNN is pathetic, I still have to thank them for once again validating what I said. Just because most blacks dig Obama from a racial and historic standpoint, it was foolish to think those that voted for him would also get over their racial animosity if he won. According to the CNN/Essence "Poll, Ninety-six percent of African-Americans approve of how Obama is handling his presidency." I'm sure that the 96% percent approval rating among blacks has absolutely nothing to do with the color of Obama's skin, wink wink. If anyone was to ask the black participants in the poll, what policies do they believe Obama has done a good job in, they wouldn't be able to mention one. It comes down to the "perception" of Obama more so than "reality" of what he has done. In the poll, black participants stated that "during the 2008 election, 38 percent of blacks surveyed thought racial discrimination was a serious problem. In the new survey, 55 percent of blacks surveyed believed it was a serious problem, which is about the same level as it was in 2000." I use to get into debates with black co workers on the topic of racial discrimination. I would always ask them to give me some specific examples of how they were "racial discriminated". They were never able to do it even to this day, yet they've gotten upset, because I dared challenge them. I never been a big believer that people of other races could be the problems of blacks during the post civil rights era. The problems facing blacks in America are many, and they can only be solved from within. I'd better not say that too loudly. The incident with Henry Gates is a clear cut illustration. Officer Kelly King is the black female police officer who knows Sgt. Crowley and has been degraded as a "sellout", and Sgt. Lashley has been labeled an Uncle Tom for speaking out in support of Sgt. Crowley.

The lady that made the 911 call has been labeled a "racist" even though she never made reference to race. So who are the ones making race relations worse in the Obama era? The Tea Party activists were labeled a bunch of "redneck racists". During the campaign, rapper Ludicrous said it was time to "paint the white house "black". Obama's Attorney General "Eric Holder" said that Americans are "cowards when it come to discussing race". Should most Americans continue to give oversensitive blacks an ear or even a forum in which to continue to cry? If the election of Obama isn't enough to snap them out of their though process, what will do it? Maybe it's time for the rest of America as a country of many races to tell the certain percentage of blacks in this country that are brainwashed beyond hope to just go and have a pity party somewhere else. The word "racism" and "racist" have been watered down so much due thanks to being overused, the words have lost some of their potent sting.These days a person can receive the racist label for merely not agreeing with a liberal on the issue of race. Many blacks that lived through the civil rights era still can't acknowledge that 2009 isn't 1965. Our country is almost four and a half decades removed from the civil rights movement, yet many blacks that lived during that time can't let it go. I've always wondered why I never hear about Africans that immigrated to this country mentioning anything about racism. True African Americans seem to be way more patriotic to this country, and they also appreciate it far more then blacks that were born here. The United States doesn't hold the patent or trademark for the creation of racism. Racism isn't something that isn't isolated to one particular race. Some people will never learn that. Let this poll be a reminder


Anonymous Anonymous said...


dUbOIS WANTED ALL BLACK MEN TO ATTEND COLLEGE. Wasington said someone had to build the houses, cook the food, sew the clothes etc. I agree with Booker T. Dubois was a forerunner of Obama's from the teachings of Marxism at Harvard. Islam waS NOT THERE WHEN dUBOIS WAS THERE BUT HE DID GIVE UP HIS aMERICAN CITIZENSHIP. i SAY TO ALL BLACKS WHO HATE america go somewhere else and see what the world really is. Debois went to Africa and came back. (smile) Amazing how Obama knew of the killing of African christians burned up in the churches in Kenya and said nothing after his cousins lost the election. I am not a Christian, but being human means not killing another human while helpless inside of a place of worship or a school or a day care center.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND THEY DIDNT HAVE TO OBEY ANYTHING SHE SAID. They will soon take over America and kill all non-Muslims.

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Anonymous Chilerkle said...

I notice some black folks use racism as an excuse to continue in destructive pathologies rather than try to overcome racism both real and imagined by succeeding. The best revenge against those who call you inferior is proving them wrong.

The so called black culture I'm referring to is street culture which is rather misogynistic.
I've noticed that the no snitching rule applies to blacks who are victims of violent crimes.

I'm very disgusted with Al Sharpton already but what he did concerning the Darfur rape was beyond reprehensible it was unforgivable. He came to the defense of black thugs instead of a black mother and her child who were savagely assaulted. The fact that he is a racebaiting poverty pimp is bad enough.

Coming to the defense of criminals makes him worse than the racists he's supposedly fighting against.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cHILERKE Many blacks dont even read about the realities. Parents tell their kids lies they heard and voted for Obama because he is a black man. Most only saw the color of his face not the contents of his character. He was raised as a Marxist then a Muslim in Indonesia where Muslims beheaded 4 little Christian girls 3 years ago and Obama said nothing. He claims to be a Christian but puts the bible and Jesus down every chance he gets, while never saying what the Quran says about blacks and Christians and Jews. Dr.King is a ape according to Islam and an ugly, nappy headed, pug nosed black slave. Black people are cursed, but he never tells that. Michele Obama is one of these ugly nappy headed women who are created Stupid by allah and allah is the devil in sura 3:54. Obama is Osama in Swahili.

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Blogger Inspector Clouseau said...

Every country deals with race differently. The two biggest mistakes in American history once one gets beyond slavery: (1) forced integration by court rulings; you can’t force people to want to associate with, get along, or respect you; and (2) affirmative action; no matter how one looks at it, it smacks of unfairness and does not make people respect you. What we have today is simply the long-term ramification of bad racial policies. As for the Harvard Professor incident....

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