Monday, August 03, 2009

A government "option" for health care or just the trojan horse in which to spring "universal healthcare" on America?

Still believing the rhetoric that comes out of Barack Obama's mouth? Obama and Democrats are so full of crap, it's frankly unreal how deceptive they truly are. The talking points script they are using in regards to health care reform is so fraudulent. They are presenting a united front in saying that all they want is a"government option" in which people can chose. The key word here is "option". The definition of the word option means "choice or alternative". They "claim" they don't want to eliminate people's private coverage. I knew they were lying then, and they are still lying now. The lies have just have been taken to a whole new level. The video is evidence and proof positive beyond a shadow of a doubt how fraudulent these people are. Obama and Democrats want a universal health care system. I know that, and people who understand liberalism know it as well. What does the word "universal" mean when they talk about "universal health care"? That means there is no room for "competition". This video is the smoking gun that completely blows Obama and liberal Democrats out of the water in their attempt to blatantly lie to the American people about them just wanting a government "option".


Blogger God Of Bacon said...

If I call the police because I'm being threatened by criminals, they don't ask if I have insurance.

If I call the fire department because my home is on fire, they don't ask if I have insurance.

So why am I asked if I have insurance when my life is being threatened by an injury or a disease?

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