Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama is clean and articulate with just a pinch of "wee weed up".

The teleprompter was definitely Obama's saving grace, when he gave his long drawn out speeches. I don't want to be accused of "wee we upping" on this. Obama was heralded as being "articulate" and an all around genius. People in the know knew that he was only as articulate as the words that appeared on his glass teleprompter. It's not that I'm picking on Obama or having a "wee we up" moment here. I'm just presenting the facts as they are. Can you image a President ever using the term "wee weed up"? What would people think about the mindset of that President? George Bush was attacked constantly for how he spoke. Pseudo elitist liberals ripped into Bush, when he used the phrase "the great decider". That was like giving the tinfoil crowd" raw meat. What would have been the reaction if George Bush would have used the words "wee weeded up"? I think that is a fair question. I'm sure the media and the pundits would have accused Bush of smoking "weed". So what if Obama used the words "wee weed up"? Oh wait, he did say that.

His loyal cult haven't made a peep over his "weeded up" remarks. His pack of kooks were foaming at the mouth, when Sarah Palin mentioned the phrase "paling around with terrorist". I remember that was definitely a cujo moment for Obama's flock. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the definition of "wee weeded up", and this is what arrogant bumbling fool had to say.

With Obama's poll numbers in a downward spiral, could that be considered "wee weed down"? This is Max Headroom meets "wee weed up".


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