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George Foreman : A "Knock Out Entrepreneur" and a Champion in life.

Everyday I hear blacks complaining on one level to another how bad they viewAmerica. Even though with all their chin wagging, very few if any have denounced their American citizenship and decided to leave the United States. Of course when I bring up this fact, most blacks usually get upset with me. Even though I tend to strike a nerve mentioning it, they have yet to prove me wrong otherwise. I know that all blacks don't subscribe to a monolithic mindset, even though liberals believe they should.. A few years ago on the Home Shopping Network, I saw former boxing Champion George Foreman promoting his George Foreman Grill. I have one by the way. It has to be one of the greatest inventions of the last quarter century. As I saw him promoting his grill, people were buying them left and right. I was intrigued by him because of how he presented himself. George carries himself with class and respect. He's a very spiritual person. I pulled up some old interviews of Foreman out of curiosity. The more I learned about his life story, the more impressed I became. George Foreman is a "rags to riches" back to rags then "back to riches" success story. It really isn't his accomplishments that impressed me the most. Don't get the wrong impression. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for his accomplishments in the boxing world and in the business world, I guess it comes down to George Foreman the person more so then anything else. I see so many black men and women with chips on their shoulders and swear up and down that "the man" is somehow holding them down. It all makes for a great excuse for blacks to blame others for their own short comings in life. George never adopted that attitude. George always comes off looking upbeat and sounding postie and upbeat. In his lowest point in his life, he looked in the mirror and realized that it was him and him alone that had the power to change his circumstances, and he did it. George believed in himself and not a political party to provide for him. If only the people in New Orleans during Katrina would have realized that little fact. Instead of young black men looking up to gansta rapping thugs as some kind of heroes, they should look up to people like George Foreman. The lame excuse that blacks can't get ahead in America is BS, because George Foreman has done it "twice". I'm planning on buying his book "A "Knock Out Entrepreneur" in a few weeks. In his interview on Fox Business, I had a smile on my face when he claimed that "America is the land of third, and fourth and fifth chances". He clearly doesn't share the mindset about America that most blacks have. It was so refreshing to hear him say what I've known and other blacks have known for a long time. This is the land of opportunity. It's all what you make it. I bet George would make a great motivational speaker. He would succeed in that venture too if he wanted too. George Foreman is definitely a "CHAMPION" in life!!


Blogger Mr. Tent Trash said...

Amen Tyrone! George Foreman is class all the way. What impresses me most about him is how positive he is. He has lots of reasons to be pissed off at the world yet he humbly takes accountability and responsibility for his own problems and has solved them for himself! Rather than spewing out the liberal mind-control words like: "police brutality", "racial equality", "ethnocentrism", "slavery", "white oppression", etc. He picked himself up when he got knocked down, not just in the ring but in life. He is a great American and a hero of mine.... Thanks for posting.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Foreman is amazing. I admire optimism just as much as I admire common sense!

I have started a google account today too.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger conservative brother said...

Mr. Tent Trash "What impresses me most about him is how positive he is."

I believe George should be an inspiration for all Americans allan. He's a self made man. Your right, George doesn't consider himself a "victim". He realized that his failures was by his own doing, but he realized that he had the power to correct his mistakes and rise again. He didn't blame others or other races for his failures, he accepted where the fault rested and worked from their to turn things around. People like George Foreman are always going to have good things happen to them. George didn't allow others to poison his mind to believe that this country was somehow oppressing him. He thought with a clear head to see opportunity when it presented itself to him, and he then took advantage of it.

Almond Tea "George Foreman is amazing. I admire optimism just as much as I admire common sense!"

I guess it was easy for me to pick out this story Almond, because George represents "hard work", "determination", and "common sense" approaches to life in general. People who are level headed and have an upbeat attitude about life are a pleasure to be around. I guess that is probably why I don't like hanging around liberals much. They are always mad about something. They wake up angry and go to bed ticked off. Good luck in finding an upbeat, optimistic liberal Almond Tea. They can be optimistic about America, because they believe America is an oppressive, racist country. So they are what they are, a bunch of complainers, self victimized cry babies. It's great George hasn't fallen victim to their mindset.

10:43 AM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

Susan "I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often."

Thank You Susan. Welcome aboard.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Amen to this. George Foreman is inspirational as an American to ALL Americans. Today, poverty is a greater hindrance than skin color. Quadruple that to children of unwed mothers regardless of race. Let's remember, though, that George was a world class athlete and I would objectively say this is inspirational in itself. Self-pity and victimization are all too often self-fulfilling prophecy. Honor those that deserve honor, George Foreman is near the top of that list!

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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