Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's official: Obama's healthcare speech will take aim at Sarah Palin.

Sarah has definitely struck a nerve within the Obama White House and among liberals in general. She is now on the radar of Raum Emmanuel and David Axelrod. The Politico has uncovered the talking points for Obama's health care speech tonight, and they are targeted at Sarah Palin. The headline of the Politico story reads " White House talking points blast Palin"

Politico "A source sends on the talking points the White House is circulating to allies in advance of President Obama's speech, most of them reiterating familiar themes of momentum and security. But the White House has also chosen specifically to focus on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and evidently to make her the face of the opposition, or to respond to her ability to project herself into the debate. She is the only Republican named in the talking points.

It's fascinating how Sarah Palin has been able to make two simple words like "death panels" stick in the side of Obama and supporters like a bothersome thorn they can't remove. The more Obama and his allies try to make an issue of the "death panel" label, the more they do damage to their own credibility. I said the day before yesterday that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh could be considered the faces of the conservative movement. David Axelrod and Raum Emanuel are thinking the same thing about Sarah Palin as the face of the Republican Party. The biggest mistake they can make is to go after Sarah Palin. Sarah has stepped into the national debate on health care and other national issues, and any attacks on her will only elevate her that much higher among conservatives and independent voters who don't want nor support the government option. The DNC needs another George Bush style boogieman, that much is obvious. They can't win any debates on ideas. They need to create and market a "polarizing" person in which to gin up hate and support among their liberal base. One thing is certain, this isn't the same Sarah Palin the left knew from from last year. If Democratic strategists want to go down this road in using Palin as a political red cape in which to infuriate their base into action, then they better be prepared for what will happen afterwards. Sarah Palin is going to be everywhere come next year. She is going to be campaigning for like minded conservative candidates as well as promoting her book. For the Obama White House to promote Sarah Palin as the "Anti Obama" in the health care debate is nothing short then "political suicide on their part". I say let them continue doing it. I can't what until tomorrow.

Are they targeting Palin or is Palin targeting them?


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