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Parents should fear the teachers more so then Obama's speech.

Today is the day that Barack Obama will give his speech to students across America. The attention for the most part has been placed on Obama and what he is going to say. The media and Obama's supporters have been going about trying to discredit the concerns of parents that don't want their children subjected to what Obama wants to say. Obama is only one part of the equation. Even though Obama is a ultra leftist radical in a three piece suit, he can't indoctrinate school kids by himself just giving one speech. Teachers are the only people who can take Obama's message and manipulate their students with his message. I posted the video a few days ago of black students marching in support of Barack Obama. Here's the video again if you all haven't seen it.

When I posted this video a few days ago, it didn't dawn on me to ask how it was created in the first place. Well now I know. A "teacher" at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City Missouri created this video using his students back in October of last year. The teacher was suspended on the 5th of October for his actions. Generals never fight wars. They create strategies for their troops to win when they fight them. The real threat isn't Obama's speech by itself. The real threat is his legion of devoted teacher followers like the one who was suspended in Kansas City that can carry out the indoctrination of their students based on Obama's ideology. This was the exchange on Meghan Kelly's show between Fox News Legal Analyst Mercedes Colwin and Defense Attorney Julia Morrow.

This another video I posted before the election. It is a video of a teacher singling out her "elementary" school students who liked John McCain instead of Barack Obama. This teacher not only singled out children who didn't support Barack Obama, she blatantly lied to them about what John McCain said in regards to the troops being in Iraq.

What will be taught by these so called teachers in their classrooms long after Obama gives his speech? Liberalism doesn't hold up well when it is challenged by a strong ideology that is grounded on factual thinking. Children aren't taught to challenge authority figures. Students are taught to respect their teachers and "pay attention to what they say". Obama is merely the socialist architect, but the teachers are the builders of his plans.


Blogger BarbFD said...

Tyrone: As a former teacher certified in the state of MD- I have to say that teachers indeed, DO indoctrinate their students. It's terribly sad, and parents MUST wake up! I realize that there are good, moral, conservative teachers, but they are the minority at this point in time. I have long-term substituted in county schools, and worked exclusively in Archdiocese schools, who are catching up very quickly with the public sector, when it comes to liberal agenda and political correctness- I left because I was being constantly harassed as being, "too conservative" and expecting too much from the 240+ students I taught. Hard to believe, isn't it?

12:43 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

You're right. Our nation sorely needs more conservative teachers in order to balance out the mind numbing that is going on right now in educational system. Was it the Maryland Teacher's Association that gave you a hard time because of your conservative views Barb? It wouldn't surprise me if it was. Liberals talk so much about diversity, yet they can't stand people who hold diverse points of view that aren't liberal in nature. They got on your case, because you held your students accountable Barb?lol lol lol How dare you Barb to have actually challenged your students to excel and be the best they could be. lol
If the students believed in their abilities to advance, they wouldn't become self victimized liberals Barb, you were going against the grain of producing good little liberals. No wonder they gave you grief. lol

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree I remember how that black female teacher ostracized that young girl because her father was a veteran and the student a McCain supporter.

I think the teacher should be fired for that mess!
It's one thing to disagree with a student it is quite another to single out a student for having a difference of opinion. I thought schools were only supposed to educate children not indoctrinate them.

I believe schools should only focus on academics and it's entirely up to the parents to instill values in their offspring.

2:59 PM  
Blogger BarbFD said...

Tyrone: I was harassed by teachers in a Catholic school! I had a photo of George and Laura Bush in my room and a student drew a mustache, etc. on the picture; when I took the photo down to show the principal, she just laughed and said, "Oh, well- it's only George Bush- what do you expect?" I was astounded! This was three years ago, when George was President, and our economy was doing great! I also was confronted for taking points off assignments because the handwriting was so awful that I couldn't read what was written. I warned the students (middle schoolers) several times, then proceeded to take a point off for each word I could not understand- the same principal told me that most students were used to typing, with the advent of PCs and I should not expect them to write legibly- I could actually write a book about all my experiences- I am just glad I am not there anymore- it's a shame, as during the tenure I was there, my students test scores rose significantly, and I was much- liked by the kids...I refused to continue working with such a group-

3:55 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

First off.... The Urban Community Leadership Academy is "NOT" your typical "Public School." It is a CHARTER SCHOOL! Charter schools receive public money but have been freed from some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools. Basically, they operate independently.

I am not a fan of charter schools. Here in Michigan the charter are no better, and in many cases, much worse than the neighborhood public school. The worse part of Michigan's charter schools is that they are run strictly "FOR PROFIT." With the profit motive in mind, charter schools prey on parents who have particular agenda's (political or social), and cater to them based on the appeal of the particular agenda.

I personally have been offered a position in a charter school. Not to divulge to much about this "school" (if you what to call it that), it's state charter is "Language Arts" based on an "ethno-centric" culture. I was asked to teach 11, 12 and 13 year old's Swahili. The lesson's were to include 6 hours of "ethno-centric" education, with 3 to 4 of those hours devoted to African language and dialects.

Needless to say, I can't speak "ANY" Swahili, and I know absolutely nothing about African dialects. But this is how a "Charter School" is ran...by "entrepreneurs" who could care less about students and more about profits.

There's nothing wrong with learning a foreign language. What is wrong is using "children" to promote a political, social, religious or spiritual ideal, for the purpose of making a "PROFIT."

As far as the "profit motive", I suspect that The Urban Community Leadership Academy is no different.

10:57 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

On another note....

Even though Charter Schools are mostly profit driven and do not deliver the quality education they were meant to provide, you must remember that they are "schools of choice." That means that the parents place their children in these facilities.

That being the case, it should be obvious that the parents approved of what their children were being taught. As I stated in the previous post, some parents, many parents, have social and political agenda's that they wish to pursue and pass on to their children.

In actuality political and social indoctrination doesn't begin, nor will it manifest itself in a school building. Political and social indoctrination (at least for the kids I teach) begins at home, and for many young minds, in the streets.

As for the boys in the video, I seen nothing wrong with the "career aspirations" they each recited with scripted accuracy. However, the question should be, "are they being taught the required skills, have access to adequate study materials, and receiving the appropriate curriculum" to become lawyers, doctors and to pursue other professional careers.

As far as the "political agenda" and the reciting of President Obama's health care plan, I feel that such idea's have no place in the schools agenda. However, if you really are concerned about young kids being "indoctrinated" to that part of the presidents social agenda, you really have nothing to fear... they're still just kids!

First off, these kids are to young to vote. Secondly, I would be willing to bet you that not "one" of them understands what social health care entails, nor what it would do for them, or how it works. As long as they aren't saying; "conservatives are evil devils who wish to destroy young Black American's and take our rights to freedom of speech"...you don't have anything to worry about.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Teachers, both right and left, do indoctrinate children. What I see here, however, in the UCLA kids' step routine, is a group of young black men who are finally proud to be young black men because they were inspired by Obama. Palin, Clinton, and Biden, etc. may be worthy opponents. But they are not young black men. For the first time in American history, a black man is president (or a candidate at the time), and that's inspirational. So what?

I've seen enough political indoctrination on both sides in the past thirty years to make me nauseous. But to me, this doesn't even touch political, in spite of the health care comments. So young black men want to achieve in the professions, so they want to praise Obama. Don't we want young minorities to succeed? If we do, we have to do what works, not what we think should work.

7:30 AM  

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