Saturday, December 19, 2009

The liberal civil war at MSNBC may be starting.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. A civil war among the left may be starting to break out on of all places MSNBC. Chris Matthew's man crush on Obama is worse then I thought. Matthews is so goo goo eyed over Obama that now he is attacking his own fellow liberals who criticize him. This was Chris Matthews on Thursday interviewing John Heilemann from the New Yorker. Chris wasn't amused by the far left fringe of the Democrat Party attacking his beloved Barack Obama. I wish I could play the Tammy Wynette song "Stand by your man". That's what Matthew's defense of Obama reminded me of.

Chris Mathews is an old school Democrat partisan political hack dating back to the Carter administration. Chris needs to be brought up to speed on the news that the Democrat Party was purchased in 2006 by the far left loon bat group They've even said "we own it". So in reality those "nut roots" as Chris called them do own the party. Chris Matthews attacking the far left is part of the story here, but there is another element. Today on the Ed Schultz show, Ed had on his show the founder of the Daily Kos Markos Moulitsas to give him a chance to respond to what Chris said about the liberal bloggers and leftist fringe groups within the Democrat Party. If I didn't know better after watching the interview, I would have sworn that Ed invited Markos on his show so that the two of them could gang up on and tear down Chris Matthews for what he said the day before.

Ed Schultz is the real deal fringe left wing loon bat. I've never known for the host of one political commentary show to have a guest on his show for the sole purpose of attacking the host of another political commentary show who shares the same ideology and "on the same network"! Both Ed & Chris work for MSNBC. Chris may want to try and tone down his affection for Obama in the near future. Barack Obama may be the leader of the Democrat Party due to him being the president, but it's those kooky nut rooters that ultimately control Obama and the Democrat Party. If Matthews watched the interview between Ed & Moulitsas, I doubt very much he had a tingle up his leg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's funny watching Liberals be at each other's throats!
Let's hope it contributes to their defeat come 2010 and 2012!

4:49 PM  

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