Thursday, December 10, 2009

The idol worship of Barack Obama has gone global.

The worship of the man who dances with teleprompters has now gone global. This statue of Barack Obama was created in Indonesia and was placed in the Indonesian capital today to coincide with Obama receiving his Nobel Peace prize "for what we still don't know" even though he just ordered 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan. This man has had songs named after him, schools renamed after him, and now he has a statue made in his image. Not bad for a who hasn't done anything to warrant any of it. I'm not sure I see the point of this statue though. Obama did attend school for a short period of time there when he was a child, but he isn't a citizen of Indonesia nor a political figure in Indonesia. I wonder what's the story behind the "Friends of Obama Foundation"? Are they like the new age version of the Jim Jones grape koolaid sippers or something?

People on the left attacked those on the right for bringing up the issue about the time Obama spent in Indonesia as a child. The left said it was "irrelevant". It looks like the people in Indonesia don't think that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wELL HE IS FROM iNDONESIA. hE WENT TO pAKISTAN IN 1981 with a Indonesian passport under the name of Barry Sotoreo as a Muslim. This is why he was threaten to be killed for leaving Islam while he was in Turkey.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've gotten over the fact that he's won.
I think some good came out of Obama's victory the left is revealing themselves to be the phony hateful hypocritical self-righteous bigots I've known them to be.
I still find Obama's legitimacy as president to be suspect. The fact that world licks his heels only adds to my suspicions. I think a lot of foreigners were involved in helping Obama get to where he is.
The Nobel Peace Prize he did nothing to earn adds to my case as well. The disgusting level of praise he receives from our propagandists who claim to be journalists!
Even though I have a more favorable view of Bush I wouldn't lick his heels either!

2:12 PM  
Blogger gorin002 said...

Obama is human plain human
not some angel god or jezus
this a human.
what will he inspire

3:35 PM  

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