Saturday, February 13, 2010

Looks like Palin channeled the palm idea from a liberal 20 years ago.

I know I've been writing a lot about Sarah Palin lately mainly due to the whole "palmgate" scandal as the left wants to paint it. I'm doing all of this to prove several points. One point is to prove how hate filled and delusional the left is. The second point is to show how two faced and hypocritical the left is also. On both points "mission accomplished". When Sarah wrote her bullet points for her speech on the palm of her hand, liberals went mental like a squirrel infected with rabies. Palin's actions was suppose to have demonstrated that she isn't a serious political prime time player. Lets face it, no sophisticated liberal female politician would have ever have done what Sarah Palin did right?

Oh yes, this is the liberal darling from California Diane Feinstein using "palm power" in her 1990 debate. Using bullet points in a speech is common. I don't know why a person would need notes at all if he or she is in a debate. I'm sure Diane must have had her reasons, and I'm not faulting her for using them. Frankly I can care less. With this revelation now coming to light, lets just see if that half witted dunce Andrea Mithcell from NBC News and MSNBC will report this just to be "fair". For the lame stream media, this is there golden chance to show people who have turned their backs on them that they can actually for once be "fair and balanced". Of course, I'm not holding out any hope for these clowns in the least. Fox News to their credit are the ones who reported the story on Diane Feinstein and her palm notes. So lets see if Chris Matthews is going to go into a fifteen minute hissy fit over the fact that Feinstein used notes on her hand in a DEBATE. This is yet another example of how hypocritical liberals are. Even with this story about Feinstein being presented to liberals who hate Palin, liberals will still say that Feinstein is "smater" then Palin. Give the left a "hand" for being the hypocrites they are.


Anonymous McJenny said...

I thought I'd heard or read somewhere that notes during a debate were illegal.

3:09 PM  
Blogger conservative brother said...

It's only illegal if a conservative is ever caught doing it McJenny.

12:41 AM  

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