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Your public sector unions at work!


Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Yeah right...another guy who obviously makes "WAAAAAAYYYYYY" more than the average worker, selling his soul (and his "colleagues" books) in order to pit one average worker against the other. Yet, I have to give Klavan the respect due to him. At least, he is "in the loop" and probably earns 20 to 30 times what the average public sector union worker makes.

Klavan says union demands for wages and benefits press employers to the brink of putting them out of business. Some of the largest manufactures of American consumer goods have those goods built in plants in foreign countries. In all cases those foreign workers earn a vary small percentage (some as little as 2%) of what the "AVERAGE" American worker makes.

So Klavan has to believe that the American worker should be on par and should not receive wages no higher than his Chinese or Taiwanese counterpart. Hell, he'd have no problem with an American worker spending a weeks salary to buy his book or to see one of his movies!

Klavan makes light of the idea that Liberal politicians take money from liberal interest groups. What he doesn't point out is that EVERY POLITICIAN gets money and perks from their supporters. The fact is that when a conservative politician takes money from a corporate donor, he's just as beholden as the liberal. Telling "half-truths" seems to be what Klavan does best. Basically, what he's doing is fooling you by making you believe that "conservative s#!t don't stink."

He also says that the public sector union workers gets "your" tax dollars. Would that be those same tax dollars that the governors are giving away in tax breaks to the corporations? Here's what Klavan is really doing and saying...

Let's say three people go to the government for a tax break; a corporation, a liberal and a conservative. But, the government only has $10.00 to give in tax breaks. So the corporation takes $9.00 and turns to the conservative and says; "that liberal is trying to take your dollar."

Klavan could care less about "any" American worker...conservative or liberal! His video's promote an ideology not reality. It's just more conservative propaganda.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

P. anthony...

Do you pay Klavan's salary? Then why do you care wtf he makes? Tiger Woods made $110m in '09. Did it come out of YOUR pocket? And if it did, you don't HAVE to golf or wear Nike's.

Regardless, you ARE paying for public sector union salaries and pensions. And when your "servants" (public or otherwise) make more than YOU and have better benefits than YOU do, then there's a REAL problem. A "sustainability" problem that has to be corrected before YOU go broke.

7:14 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...


I gave Klavan his "props" for what ever he does to earn his money. He made it legally and of his own talents, just as Tiger Woods does.

However, not only do you pay public sector union salaries, your tax dollar pays for a myriad of goods and services, some of which you don't even know.

You probably think that you're "safer" because your tax dollars pay for this mess in Iraq. Your tax dollars that pay for "servants", right? How about you and Klavan give Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer a call and let him know he works for you!

You know what else your "servants" will do for you? Take a listen as Gov. Scott Walker says he considered planting trouble makers among the crowd of protesters in Wisconsin. His only concern was what would be the political backlash, with no consideration for the safety of the people (aka, his "bosses and masters"). I wonder what would happen to you if your boss found out you considered causing trouble to get your way...

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Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Presently we find our country and many states in the midst of debt and budget problems. Yet the best some come do is attack people who work for a living. The well known fact is the average working man, public or private, cannot be held responsible for the problems.

Public or private, these folks get up every day and perform their jobs to put a roof over their heads and food on their tables. That's what the working American is all about.

Again, it doesn't matter if you're a private garbage collector or a public employed garbage collector, if someone or something threatens your way of life you're going to fight back.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

Yet the best some come do is attack people who work for a living.

Klavan IS a working man. So why are you attacking Klavan, again?

You just don't like the man's work. But you're pissed because he doesn't work for YOU... but all those public servants do.

Yet the best some come do is attack people who work for a living.

Don't worry. They're coming for YOUR and MY retirement plans, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid too. All good things in their own time. But you gotta start somewhere. The country is BROKE!

8:17 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

For every Andrew Klavan there are (perhaps) 250,000 or more working class Americans. For every Tiger Woods, there are (perhaps) 2 million working class Americans. I say more power to the both of them, and may they both make as money money as "the good lord and law allow!"

But as long as I rise from my bed every morning and trek through mounds of snow, rain, sleet or hail, get frustrated in traffic or when things just don't go right at work, pay my bills to feed my family and my dog... I'll be damned if I listen to or buy into any idea coming from Andrew Klavan or Tiger Woods, that I make to much money, or have too many benefits!!!

9:05 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

You da man, p. anthony. Why don't you slip the tax collector a couple of extra hundred and not take any deductions this year. It'll make you a REAL patriot. ;)

3:30 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

"You just don't like the man's work. But you're pissed because he doesn't work for YOU... but all those public servants do".

People who "don't" work for me, surely can't piss me off.

Hell, if Klavan worked for me, I would be making 2, 3, even 5 times more than what he makes. Rather you want to accept it or not, Klavan makes WAAAAAYYYY more than you. (unless you're a successful Hollywood type also)

This is what Klavan does for a living. The last time I checked, writing screenplays and novels for Hollywood pays damn well! Again, more power to Mr. Klavan. He found his niche, good for him.

Hummm... what if Klavan worked for me? I'd want him to do even more attacks on the "average working American." I'd have him front and center attacking postal workers, government secretaries, dog catchers, teachers... basically, anyone who got my tax dollars or received benefits that many conservatives believe "working people" don't deserve.

Hell, if I owned a large company and made millions I'd want to pay as little tax as possible. The perfect opportunity would be a national crisis where banks were failing, massive job losses and free government money to bail me out if I got into financial trouble.

The first thing I'd do is get the politicians on my side to pass laws that help break down the people and their "unions." I would "secretly collude" with several other companies to drive down wages for their employee's, particularly new employee's. Hell, with massive unemployment, those working stiffs will take just about anything to feed themselves...

If it meant taking Joe Conservatives job and moving it overseas, or the use of any tactic to drive down Joe's wages, I would do it! I'd force Joe pay his own health insurance (to a company which I'd own or have investments in). I'd have the politicians increase taxes on his pension, savings and 401k. I'd eliminate all public education so Joe can pay for his own kids education (at a school I'd own). I'd lobby to have his elderly parents taken off of social security and medicaid to save the taxes I might have to pay.

I'd reverse the crap of the Bush years such as when he promised a lady the worked THREE JOBS that the government would continue helping her special needs kid. The lady has THREE JOBS!!! Millions of people don't even have one! I'd cut her off and raise her taxes in a heartbeat!

I'd lobby to remove the minimum wage and replace it with a scale of pay somewhat less than Army military pay. (if you want more money and benefits, join the military). I'd drive his property value down, in order to keep my property taxes low.

I'd start an organization and campaign on the idea that public sector workers earn far too much money. I'd recruit people like "YOU" and bus them around the country to protest and convince local and national politicians to strip public workers of all benefits and make them pay for them themselves (again, to my company or one that I have investments in).

That's right! I'd become a conservative!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Joe Conservative said...

Except no conservatives actually DO any of that stuff (except avoid paying taxes like the plague), P. anthony. That's why your "strawman" is sooooo funny! Bush actually tried to help the woman with three jobs. Private companies actually "invented" paying for workers health benefits, to get around government imposed Wage Controls in WWII

The National War Labor Board was created by President Roosevelt, by executive order on January 12, 1942. The Board was established to determine procedures for settling disputes that might affect war production. The Board had the options of offering mediation, voluntary arbitration, and compulsory arbitration to try to resolve controversies but had no power to enforce its decisions. It was also authorized to approve all wage increases, where the total annual remuneration was below $5,000. The Board quickly adopted the so-called Little Steel formula for war time wage changes, i.e., based on a 15-percent rise in living costs from January 1, 1941, to May 1, 1942. In September 1942, the President was given the authority to stabilize wages and salaries, based on September 15, 1942 levels.

As a result of wage restrictions, employers who needed to attract labor resorted to providing a growing range of fringe benefits, such as pensions, medical insurance, and paid holidays and vacations. These benefits were considered non-inflationary, as they were not paid in cash and, thus, did not violate the wage ceiling. Additionally, payments for overtime afforded extra income to workers, without violating the limits on hourly wage payments. During the late 1940s, fringe benefits became more common as part of settlements reached in collective bargaining.

So please, wake the 'F up. Markets dictate wages/compensation levels NOT governments. And no, the public employees are not exempt from the marketplace (given a 9% unemployment rate).

12:51 PM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

Except no conservatives actually DO any of that stuff.

Say WHUDDDD? And you're telling me to "wake up"??? Obviously, since you think "no conservatives do any of that stuff", you must believe them to be, to say the least, a bit "draconian"? So let me PROVE to you that you're being DUPED to follow an ideology that's totally against your OWN INTEREST...

get the politicians on my side to pass laws that help break down the people and their "unions.".

What are the Republican/Conservative governors doing across the nation? You've got a computer. Do a search for "governors breaking unions." See what you get.

secretly collude" with several other companies to drive down wages.

Perhaps you haven't hear about several of the U.S.'s largest technology companies that were charged with collusion to drive down wages. Don't think for a minute that they just recently came up with the idea, or are the only companies that use such tactics.

with massive unemployment, etc....

You already gave the unemployment numbers. People get desperate when they're chronically unemployed.

job and moving it overseas, or the use of any tactic to drive down Joe's wages,.

I really don't need to show you stats on the many American companies manufacturing products over-sea's... So heres and article written by Kevin Hassett of the conservative think tank, American Enterprise Institute. Hasset clearly advocates driving wages (public and private)even lower than they are now! You best believe that the new Repub/Conservative governors and employers throughout the country are listening.

pay his own health insurance.

I believe health care is a "right." Conservatives believe health care is a "good." Therefore conservatives believe that as an individual you should pay for your health care solely by your own means. (eg. no employer paid or second party paying for your health care). Conservative Judge Napolitano says "we don't let people steal food from a supermarket, or housing from a landlord, why do we let them take health care from a hospital?"

5:37 AM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

I'd have the politicians increase taxes on his pension,.

Gov. Snyder Plans Private Pension Tax. If he gets his way, what's to stop him from going after your 401k next time around? Snyder is part of that "conservative governor" wave also.

pay for his own kids education.

Here's a "short" list of Repub governors cutting education..
South Dakota.
Do you really think after cutting those budgets, that someday they'll give the money back? Hardly! Education cuts are a slippery slope...

elderly parents taken off of social security and medicaid.

Nobel laureate Milton Friedman would eliminate Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. He's not alone. Just google "eliminate Social Security" and you'll find thousands of articles and right-wing advocacy for eliminating SS.

remove the minimum wage.

See Kevin Hassets article...

campaign on the idea that public sector workers earn far too much money.

Look in the mirror to answer that one. Are you "all alone" in your beliefs that public sector workers earn too much money? Oh well...

recruit people like "YOU" and bus them around the country.

Americans for Prosperity does that all the time.

5:38 AM  
Blogger p. anthony allen said...

"Private companies actually "invented" paying for workers health benefits, to get around government imposed Wage Controls in WWII.

That's only part of the story. The NWLB main purpose was to prevent work stoppages. Why would the government want strikes and war material production slowed during a WORLD WAR?? Although strikes did occur.

Mostly it was the shortage of labor during World War II that caused sharp increases in wages. Private companies (especially those with government contracts) did offer fringe benefits, but mostly to attract workers, despite the rules of the NWLB.

"So please, wake the 'F up. Markets dictate wages/compensation levels NOT governments".

Who's talking about markets vs. government?? Sure markets do...but that's not the issue! The issue is that conservative talking points cloud your brain and program you with non relevant idea's without consideration of the positive effects of government on the economy.

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