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Congressman Allen West has second thoughts about being a memeber of the Congressional Black Caucus.

It looks like Congressman Allen West is having a case of buyer's remorse for joining the Congressional Black Caucus. The CBC has been on an almost non stop mission as of late to attack the Tea Party at any given opportunity. The latest attack of course came from Maxine Waters, when she said to her devoted kool aid drinking drones that the "tea party can go straight to hell". Anyways, Congressman Allen West was a guest on the Thursday edition of Fox and Friends, and he was asked about the attacks by the CBC against the Tea Party.

Allen said all the right things during the segment by highlighting how the CBC has ignored the real problems facing the black community while instead deciding to focus their attention on the Tea Party which has nothing to do with any of them. How is the Tea Party responsible for the problems facing blacks in America? Blacks who had common sense in the audience of Maxine Water's event should have asked Maxine Waters how exactly is the Tea Party adversely impacting the black community. She would have been stunned in her inability to respond to such a question. I applaud Allen West for seeing the light about the CBC, but I have to scratch my head over one obvious question. Why did Allen West join the CBC in the first place? He had to have known that the group is nothing more then an ultra progressive auxiliary shill of the Democratic Party. I've known that fact for well over ten years. Conservatives of all races have also known that. If I was Allen West, and I was elected to congress, no way in hell would I even remotely entertain the notion of joining the CBC. I respect Allen, but he made a bad judgment call hooking up with those progressive loons in the first place. As for Congressman Carson, he might want to look in his own party, because I'm sure a certain percentage of socialist Democrats would also like to see him and other blacks hanging from trees. He obviously fails to understand that the only reason Barack Obama even won the Democratic nomination in the first place is because of basically what the Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid said "Obama was a light skinned person "WITHOUT" a "NEGRO DIALECT". With black progressives like Congressman Carson, the DDDD tactic always has to be used on blacks. Keep them Dumbed Down. Keep them Dependent and keep them voting Democratic. Here's another illustration of what I am saying. Here's Jesse "the married reverend who knocked up his secretary"Jackson referring to the modern day Tea Party to that of the Civil War confederate General Robert E Lee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the reason why Allen West joined the CBC was that he wanted to fit in. Not a bright idea.

If he does, and I hope he will leave the CBC, this will be the time that black America needs to wake up and realize that the Congressional Black Caucus could care less about the black community. All they could care about is to let the black community to think that they are useless.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

I would be uncomfortable as hell trying to get along with those people. I've known black conservatives who have made some questionable decisions in the name of trying to "fit in" with black progressives. Fox Business analyst Charles Payne claims to be a conservative, yet he voted for Obama. Everyday since,he's been bashing Obama over his economic policies, but he still voted for him though. I've heard the excuses by black conservatives who said they felt the pressure to vote for Obama. From my perspective, I never once felt any pressure or even entertained the thought of voting for him. As long as I am comfortable with who I am, I don't need to associate with people who think the opposite of me in order to "fit in". The CBC is a useless organization in congress. They've never had any power. The Democratic leadership knows that the CBC will do whatever the Democratic leadership wants, when it wants an how it wants. The CBC gives itself a title, but it's meaningless. The black unemployment rate is at a 22 year high, yet Maxine Waters is telling the Tea Party of all people to go to hell. It's funny in an ironic way but so sad in how blacks have been seriously suckered and played by the people that claim to be "looking out for their best interests".

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to think for a moment Tyrone, but the way have seen it for a long time, since the passing of the Civil Rights Act, it would seem that organizations like the NAACP and the CBC and others who "represent" the black community, are in favor of segregation.

I don't mean, separate restrooms and drinking fountains like in the Jim Crow days. I mean that these groups expect every black individual to behave like a unit or to behave in a certain way that would that would meet their criteria.

This is what I call the "sucker" effect. Everybody is against you and are holding you back and looking for an excuse and a scapegoat for one's troubles because it's profitable for them.

9:48 PM  
Blogger ProudGulfWarVet65 said...

Greetings, Tyrone. I happened upon your blog by way of canadafreepress, and I'm liking it here; I like your insights.

To the point...I will agree with you that Mr. West screwed up in accepting the invitation to join the CBC (which, as you may remember, was in some doubt after he was elected).

That I see it, for a screw-up it was pretty brilliant in a way, and possibly more than one way. From what I know, not even that kooky Marxist Maxine Waters has attacked him by name. Did the CBC originate or at least authorize that kooky Marxist Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz (sp?) to attack him in proxy so that they wouldn't be seen to be attacking one of their own? To me it seems likely.

(Just a by-the-way, not a criticism or anything...I myself refuse to accept or employ the word the likes of Waters and other Democrats prefer and are hard at work destroying ((as they did to the word 'liberal')), that being 'progressive'. I personally prefer to call them what they are-Marxists.)

So Col. West could now walk away from the CBC with a parting shot-"These people are even bigger kooks than I thought-I'm outta here!"

Another thing...why did they even invite him to join at all? They didn't have to; apparently, being a black member of Congress isn't a sufficient qualification for membership, regardless of what the name of the group implies.

They knew what he was-retired military, outspoken conservative, Tea Party-supported, so why did they invite him? Might it be that they figured that once elected he might be more open to their nonsense? More 'reasonable', more malleable?

That's my bet, and if so, they lose. He hasn't bent for them.

I'm a Tea Party guy, though not an 'activist', because my mobility is somewhat limited, and I like Col. West a lot. The man's a battle-tested veteran, and I'd bet you anything that it's in his nature to learn from a mistake the first time.

9:57 PM  

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