Thursday, August 18, 2011

Even Jon Stewart is now goofing on Ed Schultz for his editing hit job on Rick Perry.

I gave up trying to figure out Jon Stewart a long time ago. Even though Jon is a solid progressive comedian, he isn't a far out loon bat like Bill Maher. Even Jon Stewart belives Ed Schultz is way off base in his assertion that Rick Perry was referring to Barack Obama, when he used the term "black cloud".

When a progressive comedian uses another progressive as comedy material, it;'s a good sign that the progressive target truly stepped in it to warrant the humiliation and ridicule. Now that's funny!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only funny thing about racism is who it's coming from. I listen to these idiots (white and black supremecists, La Raza, and other hate groups), and some of the junk that comes out of their mouths, I can't help but laugh and realize how stupid these people are.

I make fun of racism and other sorts of bigotry, and the people whom I make fun of are the bigots themselves. But the irony is, when I make jokes about bigotry, I get accused of being a bigot. I wasn't making fun of the oppressed, I was making fun of the oppressor.

But, as we all clearly see, the liberals are a lot more bias than how they are portrayed in the media.

Lord, how I do love stupid people. But those who don't have a sense of humor are just as stupid as the bigots I make fun of.

1:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote Morgan Freeman about racism. "Stop talking about it."

6:03 PM  

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