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The BG (Boo God) Democratic Party.

After the 2000 presidential election, Democrats were crying foul in claiming that every vote in Florida wasn't counted, and that allowed for George W Bush to win Florida and the presidential election. From that day on, the battle cry to the progressive loony birds is that "every vote should count". Of course the party bosses needed to keep alive the illusions of a bogeyman to stoke fear into their base that the wicked GOP is always going to be there just waiting to "disenfranchise" their voters. Three days ago, the votes of the Democrat delegates in Charlotte were disenfranchised, and to the dismay of and shock of the Democrat delegates, it was the Democrat National Committee and Barack Obama who did it. I refereed to the Democratic Party as the "boo good party" yesterday. Here's the story behind the new catch phrase that is sweeping across the political landscape by conservatives and the GOP. A few days ago before the Democratic Convention got started, two planks were quietly removed. The first plank was Democrats acknowledging that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, and the second plank was the removal of the word "god" from their 2012 platform. Realizing the damage that the removal of the two planks in their platform was causing due to the GOP pointing it out to voters, the higher ups in the party decided to put the planks back in and make it official on the floor of the convention. That was a bad mistake on their part, because the delegates actually thought that they had the power to vote in order amend to include or exclude any provision from the Democratic platform on the floor of the convention.Delegates and members of the Democratic party booed after former Governor Ted Strickland  discussed God and moved to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
 The convention chairman and the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa had to ask for a Yea or Nay vote three times. Each time he asked, you could see the reaction of disbelief and bewilderment as the nay votes were more then the Yea votes. After the third time, Mr. Villaraigosa declared the majority vote was YEA even though the votes by the delegates and democrats were clearly NAY.

 I wish this vote could have happened Wednesday night in prime time as millions of people were watching. The damage may have already still been done. Liberals brag about their majority support among blacks and Hispanics, but the one element that is key to both racial groups is their religious faith. The booing by Democrat delegates and their Nay vote majority may have started some resentment among those groups towards the party.  
White Democrat progressives are behind the major anti Christian push in America.Make no mistake about it..These are the vocal progressive atheists. The ACLU has been notoriously in their attacks against god trying to invoke a fake assertion that the first amendment is about the separation from religion of church and state. By the way, this is one of my favorite scenes from the movie An American Carol. It's funny and so true about the ACLU.

So I think I will now call the Democratic Party the "boo god party". People mainly progressive Democrats are undoubtedly going to try and give me and others a lame excuse in saying that the nay votes weren't the majority even though it was clear as a bell that it was. Even if I wanted to play devil's advocate, the question that I would ask is why was it that so many delegates objected to allowing god back into the platform and acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel., and why were they taken out of the platform in the first place? Mitt Romney made a statement concerning the boo god party's vote. Mitt Romney called the original omission of God in the Democratic platform a signal that the Democrats are “increasingly out of touch with the mainstream of American people” Mitt is spot on correct. The Democratic Party was taken over by the hard progressive group back in 2004.There should be no question as to what major political  party of the two is home to anti religious extremists. The democratic party doesn't represent mainstream America,and the vote on the convention floor Wednesday afternoon made that crystal clear. The GOP has wasted no time in capitalizing on what happened.

I almost forgot, Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave the benediction at the end of the Democratic Boo God Convention. Some of the Democratic progressive faithful didn't take kindly to his prayer, so they attacked him on twitter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read the book; I enjoyed it; I'm a big Ann Coulter fan.

Personally, I myself am agnostic. Years ago, I was a progressive liberal who was lost and would have acted the same way. I have matured and put that ugly past behind me. Despite my beliefs, I will not go around and have God removed from "The Pledge of Allegiance" or from our currency.

A couple of months ago, some kid was petitioning outside of a Target store to have Jesus removed from the Bible. I flatly told him no. Looking back at it, I was wondering if he was serious or was doing this for a publicity stunt.

2:52 AM  
Blogger GoldenEagles said...

I'M Back.

And I must say that your thread here is steeped in a very deep toilet of blind and delusional hypocrisy.

You heap scorn on that portion of the Democrat Party which doesn't like God. Ok. Fair enough. Or it would be fair enough it were not for the gigantic beam in your own eye, to which Jesus spoke. Ann Coulter and her ilk, like you, support a follower of a totally FALSE GOD, the Mormon Bishop Romney.

Followers of a False God, hate the Real God, in their hearts, just as much as the liberals. That's why they created the false god. They like him better than the Real God.

It is the same in Islam. The fundamentalists created a false god with a heart of hate, and worship that god. Mormons created a false god, of hate 182 years ago, and those who hate the Real God, they are the followers of Mormonism.

But that is not the main reason I am have come back to speak to you. But it is a good start.

If you believe that Black Americans would benefit from the principles which the Republican Party espouses, then you should stand up against the Romney candidacy NOW.

The Romney Racial Train Wreck will alienate the black race from the Republican Party into perpetuity.

Why? Romney as a devoted Mormon believes YOU have black skin, because you were cursed by God because of a degenerate character, turning upside down the key principle which holds together the fabric of racial harmony in this nation, namely, that skin color is NEVER an indicator of character content.

No black man, or woman, with any degree of self-respect would ever accept this total lie, that God cursed them with black skin because of a degenerate character. The political party that allies itself with this lie (the GOP) will be forever persona non grata in their hearts, and that is as it should be.

In a heart devoted to truth, a total lie, and those who champion it, should always be persona non grata.

If you are interested in saving the Republican Party, as a bastion of moral and economic sanity, which it used to be, before the arrival of Romney, then stand up against Romney now.


The Mormon Doctrine, that spells this out, word for word, is reproduced there.

Please open your eyes.

Best Regards,

6:33 PM  

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