Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jerimah bites the dust or thrown under the bus?


Jeremiah Wright seems to be the latest victim to suffer skid marks from being thrown under the Barack Obama damage control bus. When I watched the speech today on how he is "outraged" over Jeremiah Wright's "latest" acts of utter insanity, I honestly believed Barack Obama. Yeah right, Baghdad Bob has more credibility in my eyes then Obama. So "now" twenty years later and in the middle of a Presidential campaign, we are all now suppose to believe that Barack Obama is finally cutting ties with Jerimah Wright? If people actually are gullible enough to believe him, I have a letter from a prince in Nigeria that will make you rich. Even taking Wright out of the picture, there are way to many other statements made by Obama and his wife that don't show any affection or support for America only the opposite. The video I have posted of Michelle Obama at the University of South Carolina is a classic example. Anyone can find the video of Sean Hannity interviewing Jerimah Wright a year ago on Fox News. I said "ONE YEAR AGO". This isn't something that justed popped out overnight for Obama, Barack even said out of his own mouth that he told Jerimiah Wright his sermons can be rough at times. That statement alone is damaging to his character. He admitted he sat in the pews at Trinity United and listened to Wright go off on his racist and anti American rants. Barack Obama has been telling so many lies, he can't even keep them straight anymore. The media tried it's best to shield Obama from the very first day he announced he was running for President, but the media didn't realize that something had changed. It didn't realize it's influence and monopoly over what gets reported and what doesn't was starting to weaken. The new media once again showed the old media that it is exactly that, "old". I don't know who's idea it was to have Jerimiah Wright come out and do a media press tour, but it didn't work out according to plan. The chickens have come home to roost!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Was Pennsylvania a win for Hillary or an overall win for McCain?


The ultimate winner in the Pennsylvania Democrat Primary wasn’t Hillary Clinton, if anything it had to be John McCain. I hate to sound like brainy smurf, but yet again I was right. I said Barack Obama can’t win the major populous states, and sure enough the double-digit defeat of Obama just proved it. It’s hard to give myself a self-high five. So Hillary hangs on to fight another day, and the Democrat Party inches one day closer to a full blown civil war. I have my binoculars and popcorn ready. I have a feeling Howard Dean might be curled up under his desk in the fetal position sucking his thumb muttering, “What are we going to do”? For the life of me, I can’t understand why the media and other Democrats wanted Hillary to drop out of the race? If anyone should drop out should be Obama. The Democrat Party and the media pumped the illusion of Barack Obama up to be bigger then life. He was supposed to be the second coming of John F Kennedy, yet the great over hyped speech giver can’t win a major state? What is wrong with that picture? Hillary Clinton has more negatives working against her then George Bush, yet she has managed to slaughter Obama in the states Democrats would have to win in November to win the presidency. This is what I’m trying to understand. Most Democrats say they are sick and tired of the Clintons, yet how come Hillary has broad appeal among Democrats voters in different groups? The only group Hillary isn’t doing well in is among blacks and young college kids. What I’m about to say is something no political pundit has yet to pick up on. Nobody has noticed how weak the black vote is in the battleground states, like Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, and New York, Texas etc. The overwhelming majority of blacks have been casting ballots for Obama, yet in the states that count the most on the Electoral College map Hillary has beaten Obama by double digits in those states. Al Sharpton said on the Bill O’Rieily show there will be protests in the streets if Obama is denied the nomination. Well, I guess Sharpton and company might want to get some comfortable marching shoes ready. The reality is that there aren’t enough delegates left for Hillary or Obama to win in order to secure the nomination. So that means that the “Super Delegates” are going to have to decide who gets the nomination. Either way a candidate and their supporters AREN’T GOING TO BE HAPPY. These are the options facing the Democrat Party. If the Super Delegates pick Obama, they will pick a candidate that really only has support among blacks and former Ron Paul youth voters. If the Super Delegates pick Hillary, then there will be riots in the streets among blacks, “No Justice No Peace”etc. I wonder can I still secure the Pay Per View rights to broadcast the Democrat National Convention Battle Royal? This should be fun.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michelle Obama thinks Americans are ignorant stereotypical people.


The definition of the word "hypocrite" is a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.
When Michelle Obama was standing on that stage looking down on the students at the University of South Carolina, I truly wonder how she couldn't make the connection that she was exactly the person she accused the students of being. What exactly is "diverse" about the church she belongs too? Surely her pastor Jeremiah Wright didn't preach sermons on diversity. According to him, America is the KKK of A. In her husband's book, Barack Obama had a hard time coming to grips with diversity, and Michelle herself in her thesis at Princeton wasn't very hot on diversity either. I forgot, I'm not suppose to mention any of these facts. I might be accussed of picking on the Obamas. If Michelle Obama is such the crusader against stereotypes, I wonder did she give Barack the same lecture she gave the students at USC when Barack made his "stereotypical" remark about people in rural America in regards to being racist, gun carrying, jesus freaks. I'm sure Michelle meant to tell Obama, but it probably slipped her mind, yeah right. This is what I'm not comprehending. Michelle Obama believes Americans "think they are justified in their own ignorance, and that it easy for Americans to hold on to their own stereotypes and misconception". Why would she except the average American citizen to vote for her husband, if she thinks so little of them to begin with? Maybe the answer is that she expect Americans will never figure out how "she really feels" about them and this country.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Barack Obama,"Your elitism is showing" Part 2


If the average person was to watch this ad, they would probably say whats racist about it. Two years ago however, this was considered one of the most racist political ads to run during the 2006 midterm elections according to the elite crowd. For those who don't follow politics, Harold Ford was a Democrat congressman running for the U.S Senate in the state of Tennessee against incumbent Republican Senator Bob Corker. Harold ran as a conservative "blue dog" Democrat. He ran on a theme of morals and values, he even produced a political ad with hm inside of a church. Well to sum it up, news came out that Harold Ford attended a playboy party hosted in Jacksonville during the Superbowl. The National RNC produced the attack ad you just saw. Liberals immediately declared the ad to be "racist". Do you all know why? It was because Harold Ford is black, Corker is white, the state is Tennessee, the actress in the ad was portrayed as being a "white" playmate, and the ad was produced by the National Republican Party. With all of those ingredients added up, the ad had to be deemed racist in the eyes of liberals. Liberals were shouting left and right that the National Republican party was trying to get white Tennessee residents into a racial frenzy at Harold Ford. Tennessee is a "southern state" by the way. Elitist liberal Chris Mathews said that he would blame "white" conservatives if Harold Ford lost to Corker. This is part of the transcript from Mathew's show on November 5, 2006.

Alex Witt: "Do you think the white Playboy ad, for lack of a better characterization of that, do you think that hurt him?"

Chris Mathews ""Well, that was a racist ad, and it ripped the scab off the old racial animosities in this country and fears. You see a very attractive -- sexy, if you will -- white woman, a blonde, a floozy, saying that you don't have to come for me, I'm coming for you. And after the commercial, she pops back in after the Republicans have said we agree with the content of this ad, she pops in around the corner and says, 'I'll call you later, Howard.' In other words, she's throwing herself at a black guy. You're talking about opening up all the old fears and angers, that was the most racist ad I think I've ever seen. And anybody that doesn't see it is either not born in America or refuses to accept the reality".

So this goes to show how elitist liberals are. It can be from a white big city liberal like Chris Mathews or it can come from a black big city liberal like Barack Obama. They have the real problem with people who "aren't like them". About the ad, Mathews didn't mention that the actress in the ad was actually "Hispanic" and not white. I just thought I would throw that out there. Las Vegas has a new slogan entitled "Your Vegas is showing". That slogan can apply to elitists like Barack Obama too "Your elitist liberalism is showing".

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ah the punishment of life


This video should put into context how horrific Barack Obama's comments really were.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Miracle of Life to some, and a punishment to others like Barack Obama


To the people who actually believe that Barack Obama is actually a Christian, I have a quit claim deed to the Empire State Building for you. All it will cost you is $100 dollars. and it will be yours. Moral Christians respect and Cherish the miracle of the unborn. There are two things that fascinate me more then anything else in life. One is watching buildings being built, and the other is the evolution of the unborn. People who follow the theory of evolution still can't explain it, nor will I ever expect them to be able to actually. When you actually think about every component in the human body, just think that it all started with a sperm and an egg the size of a needle's head. I guess Jerimah Wright was too busy preaching about the "KKK of A" to be bothered with preaching to his naive and clueless congregation including Obama about the miracle of the unborn. In a Obama rally last week he gave a speech to the crowd that if his teenage daughters became pregnant, he wouldn't want them "punished" with a baby. I wonder how Barack Obama would have felt if his mother would have considered him a "punishment" because of her decision to hook up with his father and become pregnant because of it? There are millions of married couples in the United States that for one reason or another can't have a child of their own. There are women that will never be able to experience the miracle of bringing a new life into the world, yet Barack Obama is completely oblivious to the fact that a child is not a "PUNISHMENT" but a miracle. Also I can't believe this over hyped, mass marketed dim wit tried to compare a STD to an unplanned pregnancy. Oh well, why should that surprise me.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The aspects of Dr. King's legacy liberals want to exclude.


In regards to Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy, why isn't this major figure never mentioned by the left? The political pimping of the late Dr. Martin Luther King continued yesterday by the intolerant ideologs of the left. It never ceases to amaze me how absolute shallow and phony liberals are when it comes to the issue of race and class in America. It has already been established long ago that most liberals can’t even begin to embrace the ideological diversity by different races. In other words, liberals have a hard time accepting people of different races that don’t adhere to their way of thinking. I can bear witness to that personally. Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Seeing that there are blacks in the United States that have been stuck in a 40 year time warp, that day might as well have been like any other day. Blacks who aren’t blinded by self-imposed shackles realize that the era of the 1960’s is nothing like the certain era we live in today. While people in our country continuously evolve and move forward, they see this country for what it really is. They see America as country in which they can achieve anything if they put their minds too it, also they realize the only factor that can possibly hold them back is indeed themselves.. It’s like the old saying, when you associate with negative minded people, you will develop negative thinking. It’s really that simple. Back to the pimping of Dr. King, The Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain was criticized and booed by some blacks, because he didn’t vote in favor of making Dr. Martin Luther King a national holiday. Of course they never deemed it necessary to ask him why. Actually John McCain didn't have to say anything on the anniversity of Dr. King's death, but he would have been criticzed for not saying anything as well. So he was dammed for speaking out and would have been dammed if he didn't speak out. This is what I mean by the political pimping of Dr. King by liberals. I find it amazing that these self-righteous hypocrites even have the ordasity to speak. Every chance liberals get they makes sure to promote the fact that Lyndon Johnson signed into law the 1964 civil rights act, but they always leave out the fact that if it wasn’t for a Republican Senator from Illinois by the name of Everett Dirksen, the bill would have never made it to Johnson’s desk in the first place. As for the creation of the Dr. King Holiday, they failed to mention two important details about the King Bill. The first detail that liberals can never bring themselves to mention is that the late Strom Thurmond voted in support of the King Holiday. Notice I said SUPPORT and not against. Liberals have been trying to pass off revisionist history about Thurmond since he became a Republican many decades ago. The second detail that liberals can’t bring themselves to admit is that the late Ronald Wilson Reagan was the President who signed into law making Dr. Martin Luther King a National Holiday. Since I broke open the flood gates of history that the left can’t come to grips to mention, I figure why not one more little detail from the history archives. For all of Dr, King’s hard work, there was one Democrat who was silent on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination. That Democrat is a Senator from the state of West Virginia. His name is Robert Byrd. This is the same Robert Byrd just a few years ago used the N word on the Fox News Hannity and Colmes show. So some of you mainly liberals may be asking what does Robert Byrd have to do with Dr. King. During the height of the Civil Right’s movement Senator Robert Byrd referred to Dr. King as a “Negro Troublemaker”. To this date I don’t recall Byrd ever issuing an apology for his remark. The great thing about history is that it’s all out there for anyone to discover. Many Democrats I’m sure wish it was buried instead.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is Barack Obama proud of his support from the New Black Panther Party?


I'll say it again. How can Barack Obama run his campaign as a "unifying" candidate when he is supported by the most "divisive" people and organizations in our country? Why is this question so hard for some people to answer? The New Black Panther Party is a copy cat group of the original Black Panthers. There is no releation between the two groups. The New Black Panthers tried to cause trouble in Durham North Carolina during the Duke Lacrosse episode. Once Crystal Gail Magnum was discovered to be a liar, members of the New Black Panthers were missing in giving an apology to the accused members of the Lacrosse Team. So why is Obama attracting this kind of support? The New Black Panthers fully support Jerimah Wright's position on America. So I guess it's only natural that they would also embrace Barack Obama as well. It's along the lines of "Birds of a feather flock together". Originally Barack Obama displayed on his website the support of the New Black Panther Party. Now let me ask another question. Why would a politician running for President of the United States display the support of a unabashedly racist and anti Semitic group as an endorsement? I can't see the logic in that. I seriously doubt that John McCain would display on his website support form the Klu Klux Klan or the Aryan Brotherhood. If the McCain campaign would have done that, naturally his campaign would be over in one thousandth of a nano second and rightfully so. Is there a double standard at play? Of course there is, and you all can stop laughing now,lol. When Trent Lott said some nice words about Strom Thurmond at Strom's 100th birthday party, Trent Lott was immediately branded as a racist due to his actions. I guess it was the "guilt by association" thing at work. With Obama, the rules of racial politics have changed. Of course the rules have always been created to favor Democrats, so that shouldn't come as some big surprise. Anyways, these are the people that Obama and his supporters are"proud"to display as an endoresment on their website.