Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It's offical The black guy vs John McCain in November Part 2


The media showed just how bias they can be towards a person they don't like. Once upon a time. Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most beloved political figures in our country since the Kennedy's. The media gave cover to Bill when he was president. Most blacks couldn't get enough of Bill Clinton. I remember a time if a black person spoke negatively about Bill Clinton in the presence of other blacks, that person better have had his or her life insurance paid up. Blacks had fierce loyalty towards the Clintons especially Bill. So what happened? It's like everything just flipped on a dime when Barack Obama came on the scene four years ago. Blacks dropped the Clintons like a bad habit when Barack Obama announced he was running for President. I remember when Hillary spoke with a southern black accent at a church in the south, and blacks cheered that attended cheered. I also remember when Hillary said in a black church that "congress is run like a plantation, you all know what I mean" blacks cheered again. These are just two example of how the Clintons were successful in using race to control black ignorance. The cheers have now turned to jeers instead for the Clintons. So much for loyalty I guess. I still can't figure out how as well turned on the Clintons like a bunch of attack dogs. For the last two months there was a drum beat day after day the only thing the media could report was when was Hillary Clinton going to drop out of the race. It was an obsession with the media. It never occurred to them that she had every right to stay in the race until she decided to end it. The media is suppose to be "unbias" in their reporting. That was funny I know. They dragged Hillary Clinton verbally through the mud and back over the last few months while grinning ear to ear for a relativity unknown person in Barack Obama. Poor John McCain doesn't even see it coming. Bill Clinton figured out the bias against his wife by the media when it was too late. If McCain was smart he would take notice, but he's not smart for forget that. John McCain is no longer the media's favorite "maverick" Republican. He's now considered the enemy. The media in this country is extremely manipulative. Now all of a sudden the media and the talking head pundits are talking about Hillary possibly being chosen for Obama's Vice President. The master plan of Hillary all along was for her to become President. So why is the media floating this unconfirmed scenario? The media and most of the Democrat power structure can't stand the Clintons, but they realize that Obama needs Hillary in order to win. It's really that simple. Hillary Clinton ran the map winning all of the major electoral college rich battleground states a candidate needs to win in November in order to win the White House. Also, Hillary has broad support among many Democrat demographic groups except blacks and young college educated whites. The bottom line is without Hillary's supporters backing Obama, Obama will lose big in five months to McCain. So it comes down basically to "who needs who". Hillary doesn't need Obama. Actually she could just wait for Obama to lose in November then she can run again in 2012. She realizes that if Obama gets slaughtered, his political capital is spent. He couldn't dare show his face and try a second run in 2012. That will leave Hillary Clinton as the only Democrat with any major name recognition to run. If she choose to be Obama's VP, then her presidential window is then shut for good. The media can push the scenario all they want, I don't see Hillary pushing to be Obama's VP or accepting if asked by Obama.


Blogger Pamela said...

I have referred to our press as the gestapo press for years. The media has created this presidential election, not the people. This has been part of my disgust with this election season, along with the 20+ candidates. People made decisions based on how the gestapo press presented people.

Yes I was one that got leered at when I said that Bill Clinton during the 1992 campaign said that he wanted to get rid of affirmative action. The snide response was 'well I didn't hear that'. That is all I could say because these people knew me well enough that I would not lie to them. They just did not want to hear anything bad about them. He was not even president yet.

Talk about being played like fools.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Alpha Conservative Male said...

pamela"I have referred to our press as the gestapo press for years"

I like to call them the "baghdad bob" media pamela. The only thing missing from the mainstream media that Baghdad bob had going for him was at least he was entertaining when he was lying through he teeth.

Pamela"hey just did not want to hear anything bad about them. He was not even president yet"

So very true pamela. What amazes me more then the slavish loyalty most blacks had towards the Clintons just recently to how fast they turned their backs on the Clintons when Obama stepped on the scene just 3 years ago.Its pretty pathetic that when Hilary spoke in her black voice in black churches, blacks cheered instead of coming to their senses. They are being made fools of by Hillary,and they sucked it up and asked for more. When Hillary said in a black church"the house is run like a PLANTATION,YOU ALL KNOW WHAT I MEAN", they were so stupid they didn't realize they were race baited in code. Once again they cheered. I will never be able to figure out their mindset for the rest of my life Pamela. I guess when it comes to race among black liberals, race overrides common sense.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I loved Baghdad Bob. I forgot about him. He was an absolute mess.

The sad thing is that our nation is being held hostage because of our press. Only a miracle can help us now.

12:52 AM  

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