Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another embarasing moment for Barack Obama's Teleprompter.

Eventually Obama is going to have to fire his teleprompter if embarrassing situations like this keep happening to him. Obama visited the Caterpillar plant a month ago to promote his "silliness aka stimulus" bill. Obama's teleprompter told him to say that the CEO of Caterpillar Jim Owens was going to rehiring people once the bill was passed and signed into law. Barack's teleprompter didn't read Jim's mind when Obama made those comments.

Those comments by Obama's teleprompter has come back to haunt Obama today. He might consider throwing his teleprompter out the White House window. Today Caterpillar announced it is laying off 2,454 workers in 3 states. Can it be said that Obama's teleprompter lied and jobs still died? Instead of Raum Emanuel and James Carvil focusing on Rush Limbaugh, maybe they should focus on getting Obama a teleprompter that isn't such an embarrassment to him. Obama's teleprompter said that the stimulus bill was going to "create OR save" two and a half million jobs. Right now over five million people are out of work. Obama's teleprompter wasn't available for comment on the other two and a half million out of work including the ones let go from Caterpillar today.


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