Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jimmy Carter's legacy is currently on the path of being revisted.

They're is no denying Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. He has followed in his footsteps perfectly since being sworn in little over 60 days ago. One of Jimmy Carter's not s flattering legacies was the rise of inflation under his presidency. People have been worked up and manipulated thanks to congress and Obama over the contractual obligated bonuses giving to AIG executives. Our country is facing an economic ticking time bomb. Our government is spending money it doesn't have. They're simply printing it and spending it . The national debt has tacked on $3.4 trillion within the last few weeks. China is our biggest debt holder, and they have expressed concern about the amount of spending Obama and congress are doing. If China and other countries stop buying our treasury debt, the economic outcome for America won't be good at all. Other countries have been propping up the dollar by buying and holding it as a reserve currency. China and Russia are thinking about dumping their dollar holdings. Glenn Beck did a great job explaining how the rapid accumulation of debt devalues our currency. This is the real story that should outrage Americans not something stupid like AIG.

These tea parties are happening for a reason. People see our country economically heading full speed off a cliff. If people don't stand up for something important, they will fall for anything stupid like AIG.


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