Monday, April 06, 2009

George Bush back in Texas and is as popular as ever.

George Bush threw out the first pitch today at the Texas Ranger's home opener. It's amazing how former Presidents look happier when they are no longer in the White House. I can't wait until the last day when the neo fascist leaves office. Bush wasn't no Reagan, but he sure was a lot more respectable then the current person at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Is Obama "subservient" to Islam?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Obama's "gifts" to the Queen of England and Prime Minister Gordon Brown were nothing more then an insult. The apologists for Obama can try to defend his undefendable acts all they want. Now Obama has done something else remarkably stupid and even more embarrassing. A few days ago Obama visited King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. It is hard to tell from one moment to the next whether Saudi Arabia is an ally or an enemy. Great Britain's support for the United States has never been in question. They have always been a solid friend of our country. Because of our strong ties with Great Britain, I'm puzzled at the greeting Obama gave King Abdullah versus that of the one he gave Queen Elizabeth.

Many scenarios ran through my mind when I watched this video and saw this picture. This so called President of the United States shouldn't be bowing to any leader of another country unless it's a "bilateral" gesture. This wasn't the case with Obama and King Abdullah. King Adullah himself banned his own people from bowing to him back in 2005, I guess this information wasn't forwarded to Obama's Blackberry. Not only did he bow to King Abdullah, moreover this pathetic excuse of a President kissed the King's ring for good measure. I can't say that I have less respect for Obama for his humiliating act as this country's top representative, because I don't have much respect for him as a human being in the first place. I guess it kind of evens out, Obama did look "natural" when he was bowing. I wonder did the flash backs of his days in Indonesia come back to him while he was kneeling?

I'm going to weigh my theory out and see what I come up with. On one side of the scale,

Queen Elizabeth
1. She's the Queen of England
2. She's a Christian
3. She's a woman

King Abdulla
1. He's the King of Saudi Arabi
2. He's a Muslim
3. He's a man

Here's the question I can't answer. Why did Obama use two entirely different greetings for KIng Abdulla and Queen Elizabeth? Something isn't adding up here. I wonder is it a "gender thing" or a "religious thing" for Obama? There could be a third aspect at play. Maybe the third option is that Obama's "handlers" are just as much in the dark as Obama himself. Liberals tried to create an imaginary fault with Governor Sarah Palin last year. They along with Obama's media friends tried to make an issue about Palin not having "foreign policy experience". It would seem that Obama's "greetings and gift giving skills" to dignitaries and leaders of foreign countries show just how inexperienced he is.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Obama failed to mention something important while bashing America in France.

I still haven't yet figured out what was the purpose of Obama's little town hall meeting in France yesterday. Was him basking in the limelight of the Euro- Socialist crowd apart of official American business? On the same day it was reported that the economy shredded over six hundred thousand jobs, Obama held a town hall meeting for people that aren't even citizens of this country. Liberals were foaming at the mouth every time they saw Bush with a golf club in his hands. It doesn't shock me at all that Obama felt at ease trashing the United States in France. People seem to have forgotten that Obama said during his campaign last year that "it was embarrassing that Americans only spoke one language". Didn't the news outlets report this?

I'll take that as a no. The ghetto snipe known as Obama's better half said last year that "Americans are comfortable in their ignorance". Funny how the media didn't report this either. I guess they were to busy focusing on Bristol Palin's baby.

See a pattern here? All anyone has to do is attend a liberal protest rally, and you'll see this kind of Anti American rhetoric all the time. Why do you think the media never aired those two videos of Barack and Michelle? Liberals in the media believed totally in what Michelle and Barack said, but they also knew it would never fly in the face of most Americans if they reported it. This is nothing new. Bill Clinton trashed America at Oxford during the Vietnam War. Jane Fonda attacked America and gave comfort the Viet Cong while in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Liberal actor Johnny Depp referred to Americans "as a bunch of stupid puppies" while living in France. Obama did make reference to the anti American sentiment by Europeans, but I don't believe he should have made any negative comments about America on foreign soil. Obama gave one of his typical "teleprompter approved" speeches. It was a usual nothing to write home about. In his "European Butt Kissing Tour", he never mentioned anything at all about the American soldiers that died liberating France in the first place. This once again goes back to the underlying resentment Obama, his wife and liberals in general have for Americans and what America stands for. I also don't understand why Obama didn't take any questions from the French audience. He only took questions from Americans. Is everything with this guy staged?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Barack Obama's international appeal among society's undesirables.

Does the "yes we can" slogan sound familiar? This is what happens when socialism rots the brain. Capitalism has been around since the beginning of time. Trust me when I say it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I watched these fools act as such for the last two days. I don't even know where to begin addressing these clowns.

I said it before that Barack Obama appeals to the lowest common denominators in our society. It seems like this goes for Great Britain as well. When the media proclaimed that people in certain countries love Barack Obama, they aren't being totally truthful as usual. Obama is loved and adored among the anti capitalists, socialists and communist crowds. Why would free market capitalists embrace the likes of Barack Obama? My jaw dropped in laughter today listening to Obama's G20 speech. He said that he is a supporter of "free market capitalism". Nobody can deny Obama's smooth gift of being able to lie on cue.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Did Obama stop to Walmart to pick up his "special" gift for Queen Elizabeth?

When it comes to giving diplomatic gifts, Obama is as clueless as clueless can get. Queen Elizabeth is royalty for goodness sake. She is the most beloved member of the British Royal Family known around the world. This embarrassment of a President gave the Queen of England a "common" made in China IPOD as a gift. I guess Obama had to make a quick stop to Walmart before his Trans-Atlantic Trip. I thought the 25 classic movies Obama gave to Prime Minister Gordon Brown was beyond pitiful. Obama has managed to step up his game in the tackiness department. I wonder did Obama load the Queen's IPOD with music from his homeboys Ludacris and Ice T?

Maybe Bill Maher should tell Americans how he really feels about the military.

When liberals refer to our military personnel as "baby killers", "war mongers", "storm troopers", "mercenaries", "invaders", "oppressors", "occupiers", "mindless brutes"etc, Is that their way of expressing "support" for the military? It's no big secret that the so called comedian Bill Maher is a hardcore liberal. This is Bill Maher showing others what he thinks about the military.